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Putnam Community Medical Center is a full-service, emergency care facility specializing in breast care & heart care in Palatka, Florida.

Putnam Community Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Putnam County, FL.

Putnam Community Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Putnam Community Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Lab consistently disposes of viable lab samples without contacting anyone to rectify whatever they deem a problem. Patients end up having to supply multiple samples to please them enough to run said lab. Even if order for said lab is already in they computer system due to being generated within their facility. Difficult to work with. (a month ago)

This hospital has to be the sorriest Hospital i have ever stepped foot in. Got into a accident and was transported to this place, i was 3 months pregnant at the time and when i go there they were acting like they werent the Ieast bit concerned. They put me in a room and i was literally in there for 5 minutes before they discharged me, didnt do any xrays (i was having back pains) neither did they check on the well being of my baby. Waste of time and if i could give e this place a ZERO i would because 1 is giving them too much! This place needs to be SHUT DOWN! (in the last week)

Day 2 E.R. fast and Friendly courteous in and stand in service.had a room mate very friendly 2nd day Private room very clean staff out standing Dr. Griffin nice kind a little dry .but out standing all nurse out outstanding helpful thank you nurse FRANCINE R.N. AND VICTORIA, PCT AND MEREDITH BROWN RN CM .for the kindness and friendly service thank you REY ANES FROM HOMESTEAD FL (a month ago)

I felt like I was a victim of patient profiling, I understand there is alot of abuse these days but I'm not a abuser ,I take what is needed as needed for my every day chronic pain, I went to the er and was told by the doctor (female) taking my blood and checking my urine I was diagnosed by that instead of having the xrays , mri or cat scan for my prior injures because she stated oh yah have been here for similar injures before so I'm not sending me to have any xrays mri of cat scan , which in my case something new has changed with my injures and how i hurt myself and I was only given a muscle relaxent and antiflismorty and then was discharged. The nurse on duty was way more helpful and concerned and took care of me the doctor Nicole jaques was very rude , had attitude and judged me (a week ago)

Well I am RN. Have been for 10 years. My father went in for severe back pain after lifting several cinderblocks in his yard. My mother was histerical because he was on the ground and couldn't move. She called 911 and the medics had to pick him up and carry him into the ambulance. I drove from south Florida nearly 4 hours away to get to him. He had pain medication in the ambulance because he was in dire agony. In the ER almost hours later he recieved Toradol and Valium. My dad begged me to get the PA to give him something else for pain because we all know Toradol does nothing. I walked over and told the PA he was in agony and he finally ordered Dilaudid and a CT which I had to talk him into ordering because he said that it was not a trauma so their protocol would not allow him to get a CT. Then we had to ask the PA again if he could get a different pain medicine because he was still a pain scale of 10 when he would move just slightly. They switched nurses and some long dread locked haired old nurse came in rudely and said I'm your new nurse and gave my dad his medicine. So while he finally was able to move enough to slide over with a board into the CT he left. My mother and I walked out of the room and went outside to get some air. 10 minutes later we walk back in to see my dad. We were then told VERY rudely by the dark curly haired woman at the front desk that only one person at a time could go see him. Even though we both were in there the whole time. Not to mention there were several people in each room visiting with other patients with children being able to walk around with gloves covering there heads acting a fool. Well my mother went and I stayed behind. Seconds later my mother frantically came back out of the locked door and called my name and I went back there briskly to see what was wrong. Then the old security guard followed me I and basically scolded me saying "I thought I told you that you couldn't come back here" I said no you said one at a time. Then I walked up to the curly haired woman at the front desk and asked if my mother came out could I go I to see my father. She said I will ask the nurse. Of course no word from the rude lady about asking the nurse if I could go back so, I asked the security guard if my mother came out could i go in. He said we'll see in 15. So basically they discharged my dad literally right after his CT still in pain and could barely move. Every little bump in the ride made him moan in pain on the way home. Ct showed bulging disks and degenerative disks L1-S2. Where I work, he would have been admitted with a diagnosis of intractable back pain until he was stable to go home. Those PA, nurses and, security guards here are all horrible and rude. I wouldnt take my dog here. Tomorrow I'm writing a formal complaint. (2 weeks ago)

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