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Purcell Municipal Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Mcclain County, OK.

Purcell Municipal Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Purcell Municipal Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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I have had the unpleasant experience of dealing with this hospital on several occassions over the past 17 years. Where to begin... They left a rock in my daughters leg from a bike accident and stitched it up and when it was clearly infected I took her back and they said the awful red and puss was "normal" I ended up taking matters into my own hands finding the culprit. I was sent to the er from the gyno with a suspected tubal pregnancy and they told me they couldn't use their equipment on me because someone "whose ACTUALLY pregnant may need them". I went in with some major symtoms that they treated as anxiety to discover elsewhere that I had adrenal insufficiency. I went in after not having a bm for 2 weeks and had begun vomiting after taking several things to help me go including an enema and was snidely met with "you're at the er because of constipation?". I called to speak to someone as I was having what felt like a bad trip of acid. I do not use illegal drugs at all or more than prescribed of prescription drugs though I told the guy this I was laughed at and told to "sleep it off". Unfortunately this is the hospital approved by my insurance. The next is more than an hour away. Not only are they completely incompetent but they are very rude and unprofessional. I have no idea how they haven't been closed down. (2 months ago)

We came in for possible kidney infection, took over an hour to get to a room, nurse comes in and gets info then says the doctor will be here shortly, 20 minutes later the same nurse walks in with arms full of supplies and draws blood and puts in an if. There was no need for either of those without us seeing the doctor first. The bed that is in our room is wrapped with sports tape holding it together. The medical tray is falling apart. And they have chemicals and medicines out on the open that anybody could grab. (5 months ago)

The care they provided for my daughter and I was excellent. The nurse that took care of my daughter did an excellent job taking care of my daughter's wound and she also showed care and compassion. Thank you very much ER staff. If I am ever in Purcell,Ok again visiting and need your assistance I will be more than happy to stop by. (2 years ago)

They saved my daughter's life. Thank you! (11 months ago)

I moved to the area almost a year ago and have had 2 occasions to use Purcell Municipal Hospital. The caregivers are polite and the care has been great. However their billing system needs a serious overhaul. My wife went in for chest pains and several test were run. I paid what I thought was the full amount at the time services were rendered. A month later I get another bill for $700 which I paid after some questioning. Then 3 months later I get another bill for $112. I do not dispute that it was owed to them...just the fact it took them 6 months to bill me for it. The second incident I went to see a Dr that has an office there in the hospital. He sent me down to the lab to get some blood labwork done. Again I paid for the labwork right then, a set blood work up. Paid $224. A month later I get another bill for $110 and when I called to ask why they couldn't tell me what it was for. It took another month and 3 calls later to find out this $224 I paid was an estimate and I had to pay the balance. What is there to estimate on a blood test? They should know what they charge for this at the time of payment right? The last time I called about this and the lady was finally able to tell me why I still owed money and when I disagreed with the way I was billed I was told she was not going to listen to me argue about this and when I asked to speak to a supervisor I was hung up on. As I said, I have no problem with the doctors or caregivers, but the business end of this hospital sucks. (4 years ago)

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