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500 E 51ST ST, CHICAGO, IL 60615
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500 E 51ST ST


Provident Hospital Of Chicago is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cook County, IL.

Provident Hospital Of Chicago does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Provident Hospital Of Chicago is a government - local hospital.

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I went with my sister for an appointment. We arrived on time at 2:30p. She was sent to the ER at about 3:30p, for one other test, an ultrasound test. We are still here coming to you live at 9:32pm on 03/28/2018. Now don't get me wrong, the staff is professional, but they the hospital as a whole, is slow as hech. Like I said we are still here, waiting for her discharge and pic line removal. I told them that she was diabetic and had to have her medicine, could they please hurry up. We are still here. This hospital is not even the very large Stroger, it's just an extension. But, they behave in the same pattern as there sister hospital. (a month ago)

The staff is really friendly and kind. I went about 7am I was out by 11ish am. I think the care was as good or better than any other hospital. For a county facility it was actually pretty good. BUT .......the young nurse did attempt to give me needs that she wasn't supposed to, so always question what they are doing and why. If I hadn't asked questions I would have been given antibiotics that were not for me. So that could have been a problem. (5 months ago)

I was so disgusted with the dirtiness of the hospital the unprofessionalism is crazy even the doctors talk to you with no respect I went there recently I was referred to by a friend but never again will I step foot in that hospital they even lied on my discharge papers stating that they had filled me a prescription and did certain type of test that was never performed on me yet when I called I got yelled out by dr. Wayne in the emergency department I even called and spoke with a charge nurse who basically stated that dr. Wayne had gave me false information about my prescription and the way it had to be filled he assured me that I could not use any other Pharmacy but they're pharmacy located in the hospital which I knew was not true (3 months ago)

Hands down the worst hospital experience ever!!!!! Went here for a simple doc appt at 1:30pm... it is now 5:30pm and I’m still here!!!!!!! Go anywhere else just not here!!! Very dirty and unprofessional!!!!!!!! (5 months ago)

Horrible experience, one of the worst E.R. visits. Staff was rude and unattentive, very little interaction with a doctor or communication about test results. Poor to almost no pain management. Bled all over when I.V. was removed because nurse didn't hold proper pressure, and then tried to blame us for it. Staff was loud and not conscious of patients needing quiet and rest. (6 months ago)

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