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Located in Oregon City. Includes events, news, services, and employment information.

Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Clackamas County, OR.

Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I went in today, im 21 weeks pregnant and got transferred to birthing center right away. I've had kidney stones before and knew what I was going through. My PCP (primary doctor) couldn't fit me in and said to go to the emergency room and get imaging of my kidney as my pain was high. I got in right away and got into a room, left a urine sample and waited to be seen by a doctor I wasn't seen by anyone for 3 hrs. I called nurses and no one came, 15 mins later i called again. A nurse came back and spoke to me. Told me they were able to get a hold of doctor davis-miller and shed try again. 20 mins later nurse came in with update and said doctor said my pre looked fine and would recommend I go to silverton hospital or go to a urologist. Mind you i already said my doctor wanted imaging and then i reminded the nurse and she said the doctor wouldn't and that there isn't anything they can do to help me. I called my urologist balling in pain, they got me in and found an 8 mms kidney stone stuck. I have never been treated so poor in my entire life. I wouldn't recommend or trust this hospital with any loved ones. (a week ago)

Have always received top notch care at this facility. Never had to wait long in the ER. In one particular case, my life was saved by the ER staff's quick and compassionate response to a breakdown I was experiencing. Thanks to all. (2 months ago)

I've given them three chances and they've completely blown them. The ER here is the worst in Clackamas County, they don't care about patients. Absolutely awful, avoid at ALL costs. (2 months ago)

Providence hospitals are possibly the worst place you could go for medical treatment. All they care about is money, and once youre in the door they get paid, so they dont actually care about treating you. They will admit you, then summon their rent a cops to physically force you out of the building at gunpoint while saying "you dont have to leave, if you leave you are refusing care", then bill you for the experience of having your life threatened in something thats supposed to be a place of healing. (2 months ago)


Stole medications from my purse and abused me during my stay. Abuse included threats, coercion, and refusing to treat my pain. (Husband had doctor literally walk away from him when asking for help.) Am now literally afraid to seek help for life threatening conditions. Edit: Oh yeah and the first time I went there with (extremely) high heart rate the doctor blew me off as a druggie and sent me home. This is despite the fact I have no history of drug abuse. I have literally never taken medicine other than how its been prescribed, and have never touched an illegal drug in my life. Was back within 10 hours and they were testing me for heart damage. (Blood tests to check for damaged proteins from heart.) UPDATE 9/13/2017 Despite promises from the head nursing coordinator that she would correct the issue and find out what happened to my missing medication we have heard nothing. Seriously give this place a miss. (8 months ago)

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