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Health Care Close to Home. At Provid ence St. Joseph Medical Center, we understand health care is evolving. The advances in medicine and strides in technology are ...

Providence St Joseph Medical Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Lake County, MT.

Providence St Joseph Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Providence St Joseph Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I was visiting my aunt from out of state, when she fell and broke her hip. She was taken by ambulance and seen immediately. Her pain level was seen to, and she was assisted at her bedside in the ER by radiology, etc. She didn't have to be moved from department to department. On the one side, it's wonderful for the patient to not have to be moved all over the hospital for difference medical services. On the down side, it makes the wait in the ER waiting room longer for those being seen. So, it's a 50/50. I have to give this a 5 because they were so caring and attentive to my elderly aunt. (a month ago)

The doctors here made my dad die much faster than he should have. My dad would have breathing problems due to panicking and stress about financial issues. After coming to this hospital multiple times, THE DOCTORS TOLD MY DAD HE IS GOING TO DIE SOON, and my dad immediately fell into critical condition after they told him that. My father was great, he was capable of walking around without a cane before the doctors announced that he may die soon. As soon as the doctors began telling my father and family that he may die soon, my father immediately fell into critical condition. After that is was just nursing home after nursing home and hospital visit after hospital visit until my father passed away. The doctors here made my dad die much faster than he should have. They were incapable of properly diagnosing him so they just told him he is going to die. Names of two doctors I recall who were incapable of properly diagnosing my father where DR. LOU and DR. GOLDMAN. When these doctors would speak to me about my fathers health, I would get the idea that they do not want my father to live anymore. It seemed to me as if my fathers life had no value to these doctors and the nurses that worked under them. It's obvious that these doctors are somewhat connected to the insurance company, and that my father was costing the insurance company too much. It was obviously more profitable for the insurance company and their affiliate doctors if my father died sooner rather than later. The nurses at this hospital seem like they don't care about the patients at all. I feel extremely disrespected as to how my father was treated by many nurses at this hospital, in addition to the doctors here. My attorney has not yet reached out to this hospital regarding any legal issues. NEVER COME TO THIS HOSPITAL FOR ANYTHING SERIOUS! *God forbid I ever fall in your hands,* (a month ago)

This is the long long short story, wife was brought in a ambulance from work for respiratory issues and she is also pregnant. The intake lady came in took insurance and copay after about forty-five minutes of arriving. She wasn’t seen by anyone for three hours in a room, place filled up a and empty a few times. The first nurse Tony was super forgetful or just over his shift and ready to leave. She was cold and asked for a blanket, he forgot and brought two about forty-five later after seeing her with two jackets covering her. We used the buzzer on the wall because after three and a half hours she just wanted to leave. We waited another half hour then used the buzzer again and the guy answering was puzzled that Tony still hadn’t come to check on us, and we wanted to leave. Ten minutes later the Dr showed up and she was incredibly amazing!! She wanted to have blood drawn, fluids given through IV because she was dehydrated, and influenza swab done. Tony finally shows up fifteen minutes after doctor leaves and says he hears we wanted to leave AMA (Against Medical Advice). We said the Dr came in and we decided to stay. So now he’s bummed he had to do all of these things. My wife says she also has heart burn about seven to ten times, he does nothing. Then right before hooking her up she throws up into the little baggies. Then he hooks her up and gets blood everywhere. She gets blood drawn every month since she had been pregnant and I have never seen that happen before. He says to her she has weird veins. Does the fetal heart monitor and leaves. About 20-30 minutes later her fluids bag has emptied and a new nurse who was also lovely comes in and everything finally starts happening, and test come back plus answers are finally given. At this point we have both been there six hours. They wanted to keep her because they said her heart rate was a little high. My wife and I said she would do much better at home and taking a hot salt bath then resting in bed and would come back if anything escalated. But Tony forgot to record the fetal heart beat so we have to do it again before we can leave. We finally got to leave after six and a half hours, without getting any prescriptions or anything. We get home to look at the paperwork they gave us and she was given a prescription for tums, which no one told us about.... Seriously, it’s an over the counter drug. -The next day she went to her regular OB who was appalled at her sister providence hospital and gave her a Z-pack right away to prevent infections. (2 months ago)

Sat in their er for four hours in horrific pain. So long I had to beg for more Tylenol and fight for that multiple times. Waiting room emptied out and refilled multiple times, I still wasn’t seen. I believe this was due to lack of insurance or ability to pay $300 on demand (why we went to we in the first place, so we could be billed). Really I would have done any test or surgery they said to make it stop, and paid for it, but was never actually seen. Waited so long I eventually left because i simply wasn’t being helped and I can not be helped in the comfort of my own home. (3 months ago)

Had 2 natural childbirths here with Dr. Samantha Han. Nurses are great and on point. My doctor always was in time for delivery... cookies are amazing! Lol I even had to walk into admissions multiple time for IV fluids while pregnant and dehydrated. They always had me wheeled to the pregnancy floor and gowned ready for nurses in a jiffy!! They care sooo much even kept me over night to make sure I was okay to leave and that I had eaten. It is a hospital, not perfect but does a pretty damn good job compared to others outside of Burbank, CA. Its not all based on money and insurance type because I have an HMO insurance and they still treated me WONDERFUL. People are just rude and ungrateful now adays. Some of these other comments are sooooo stupid and irrelevant. (a week ago)

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