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Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountain Range, Providence Seaside Hospital is the heart of Providence Health & Services' north coast service area.

Providence Seaside Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Clatsop County, OR.

Providence Seaside Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Providence Seaside Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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The staff here are friendly and professional. For a small medical Center, the services here are above par. I have been treated here with patience and compassion, in keeping with a rural sense of charm. (a month ago)

Providence has been taking care of me now for over 3 yrs. My prayers go out to Dr. Sperry for a speedy and healthy recovery. I want to thank CB Clinic for bringing me out of a crisis with my spine. 😁😁😁 (7 months ago)

I went to Providence for a potential blood clot and received very quick and efficient medical service. I want to thank Dr. Zagata who was in charge of the process as well as Kate who did the ultrasound and all other staff who were personable and well-trained. (7 months ago)

I never been so humiliated in my life going to the er I’ve been in and out of er lately in the night our kids tested positive for influenza b we all be seriously sick I had went in myself tonight and the doctor looked at me and said your kids have the influenza virus so what do you think you have I told him purhaps the same thing and he told me well then there you go you know what you have you treat it with ibuprofen and Tylenol and just tough it out you coming in the er is waisting my time and everyone else’s and it cost lots of money which doesn’t come out of your pocket your not paying for it the insurance is and asked me what is it that I want him to do to help me I said I don’t know it’s hurting to breath and fever is extremely high he got x rays done then after told me my sympathies go out to you really but but stop coming in here and using the er .this is the same doctor that was telling me years ago our son looked peachy king when he had pneumonia and told me I’m over exasperating and to stop being our son in to the er over a little fever I had to take him to Portland Emmanuel hospital found out he had a serious case of pneumonia and could of died if waited one more night this was years ago but still as of now to be this rude to your patients your suppose to be a doctor and be professional and help people in need that’s what they get paid for it shouldn’t matter if insurance is paying it or not or out of someone’s pocket that’s none of there businesses they get paid no matter what if you got to be that rude and that crabby and so unprofessional what are you doing working there this is not ok it’s happened a couple of times now I shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable coming to the hospital I’m tired of being told I’m over exaggerating when I’m not and and the doctors like to count on there fingers how many times you been there or it’s that time of the year yeah I’m gonna be in a lot more then usual it’s winter doctor Andre nye is a wonderful doctor he ran test figure out our son had influenza put him on tamaflu right away he seemed concerned of our son and everyone else that could possibley get it since it’s highly contagious he was worried dr bye even called and checked on our son but no I go to the er tonight do to this hitting me so hard I had as the er doctor yeah he was the one that told me I was coming and wasting his time and everyone else around him told me to tough it out yep I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to say how can you be so rude I don’t ever wanna go to this er again I didn’t say nothing except sorry for wasting your time he just walked away (7 months ago)

I can't believe all of the negative reviews, we had such an amazing experience. My husband had been in excruciating pain for weeks when we finally went to the ER. He was promptly given pain medications and made more comfortable while we waited for a surgeon. Although it took some time to finally see a doctor, the nurses were great helping to keep my husband comfortable. We went to surgery that day and the whole team was very kind and understanding. They communicated well to me what was going on, and most importantly, they saved my husband's life. His after-care with the other nurses was amazing too, each one took sincere interest in how he was feeling and managing his wound and pain levels, even though the hospital was quite busy. I would come back to this hospital in a heartbeat. Great people. Great medicine. (a year ago)

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