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Providence Regional Medical Center Everett is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Snohomish County, WA.

Providence Regional Medical Center Everett does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Providence Regional Medical Center Everett is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Staff is friendly and knowledgeable, but cleanliness is deplorable. Dried blood on bed rails, used and full urinal left in room, and general lack of cleanliness. If they step up their game on cleanliness this would be a much more respectable place. (2 months ago)

Torn. Most of our visits at Prov was really good. Then there was a time my daughter was in a lot of pain due to Ehlers-Danlos and having seizures. Dr. Barrett Adams was the doctor we got stuck with in the ER. He literally mocked my daughters seizures, put her down and humiliated her. He would not listen to us and wouldn't give us any help. The worst experience ever. Talked to the charge nurse in the ER about this doctors and still nothing was accomplished. Prov overall is 5 stars. Just this horrible doctor. (Dr. Barret Adams). I guess some people should just not be doctors. Providence what were you thinking when you hired this jerk? (3 months ago)

Where to even start....First I am a nurse.....I understand the struggles of health care. BUT when I got a call from the medical examiners office that my moms NON-CONSENTED autopsy was complete I was in shock. The ICU staff was TERRIBLE! The only thing a doctor said to me in the hall was "your mom is the sickest person in the hospital" and then walked away. My died after only 36 hours from septic shock. They had accused her of suicide and that was why the autopsy was done. This was NOT discussed with me. And even worse is that PROVIDENCE hospital doesn't even acknowledge that my mom was a Patient there. They won't return my calls, they never sent a hospital bill, even my lawyer tried to contact them and they NEVER responded. They have completely brushed my mom under the rug. I just wanted to have a conversation because I don't want other families to experience the same treatment and judgement.I am ashamed as nurse that other medical staff can treat people this way. I have little confidence in Providence Hospital and have trouble tell my Patients that they have to go there for care. So please use caution when going to providence. (5 months ago)

Went in to the ER with an irregular heart rhythm, was given an EKG immediately and diagnosed with Afib, moved to an ER room and the most caring and compassionate staff began treatment. I was admitted to the telemetry floor and the excellent care continued...from the hospitalist assigned to my case, the Ultrasound technician, the nursing staff, the CNAs and even down to the person who took my food order for room service and those that delivered it. My care was excellent, they took the time to sit with me an answer all my questions, understood I was scared and reassured me. The room was immaculate, large and with plenty of seating for family, plus had a great view! The nurses were responsive and came when requested. The discharge was even streamlined and they brought all my meds to me from the pharmacy while I waited for my ride home as they went to get the car. They made my follow up Dr. appointments for me and made sure the Dr. had all of the records and test results from the hospital stay. I have not received a bill yet so I cannot comment on that experience. Overall, I was highly impressed and could not recommend them more. (3 months ago)

I had my child here and was prepared to say I absolutely love this place. I certainly loved the nurses and my care while I was there---it was above and beyond my expectations. However, then the billing came. There were a lot of bills messed up that I had to have corrected (they didn't bill my insurance). After some weeks, it came down to 3 dates of service that still were not billed correctly. After weeks of fighting them to send these bills and the billing department saying they would, but never actually doing it, one of the persons in the department said that the system was kicking back their bill request automatically because I was showing as not being covered during that time. They claim the system problem isn't their fault, but is Lifewise's problem. So I had Lifewise call them directly and request the 3 dates of service. They again said they would send them, and they didn't. More fighting with them, more responses of 'Yes, we will send that out right now." And here I am today, having had Lifewise call them again, this time stating that they (Lifewise) would have them faxed immediately and not get off the phone with me until they were in her hand... But Providence outright refused to fax them, saying that they would be sent electronically. Which probably means... they never will. I'm told that after a year that I will become liable for the full bill, even though I have coverage, even though I've requested 10+ times that they bill my insurance. The people in the billing department are incapable of doing their jobs correctly and lack the care to make sure that your bills are done properly so that you're not stressing about it for nearly a year. Update 2017: the bills were never sent to Lifewise, and after a year they became ineligible for insurance. At least I wasn't held accountable for them though - Providence actually just dropped them. (7 months ago)

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