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WAYNE, NE 68787

Providence Medical Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Wayne County, NE.

Providence Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Providence Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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We were so very pleased with the care given to my mother when she had her knee replacement surgery! All of the nurses were kind, patient, and caring in all of their interactions with her. The physical therapist and occupational therapists were wonderful and went above & beyond in caring for and helping my mother achieve the goals they had set for her. And when she felt like she couldn’t do another exercise or take another step, they gently encouraged her. We couldn’t have been happier with the care she was given. (a month ago)

I was going to give this place two stars because the wait was short and some parts of the staff were nice but the most important parts of my experience were so bad I wound up changing it to one star. I had a terrible experience. I went in because I was experiencing very bad pain in my foot. I had to leave work early and go to the hospital because I was unable to work any longer because of it. Upon being taken back and talking to a nurse (whose name I never actually received), I was judged by both the nurse and the PA for the state that my shoes were in. First of all, there is no reason at all I should ever be getting judged for my shoes by anyone in a hospital. I was wearing them because they were the only ones that gave my foot only sort of relief at work. They were beat up and broken in and comfortable. I work in a warehouse so they look raggedity but that is besides the point. I own many pairs of shoes and these people made side glances at each other and smirks at each other as if they knew if I had better shoes, I wouldn’t have been in there at all. I sat in the examining room for over an hour and was never checked on by them. Never asked if I needed anything for my pain. Never even asked my pain level. I sat there for over an hour, not walking or doing anything with my foot while it continued to throb with pain. When my X-ray results finally came back, the “doctor” quickly came in, told me “nothing” was wrong with my foot (i sprained it), told me to ice it three times a day for the next three days and then left. My job requires me to walk miles and MILES for the entire 10-12 hours of my shift. If my foot is sprained I would like to know how to prevent this from happening again because the pain is explosive. But he offered almost nothing. I had to ask the nurse to stop and give me advice, which seemed to annoy her. I was on the verge of tears because all I wanted was some help. I just wanted to know how to prevent my foot from hurting like this so I can do my job without pain. She looked at me with a blank stare and told me to get new shoes. I asked her what would be the best kind, thinking she would know since she is also on her feet all day. She got an attitude with me, asking “you don’t think our feet don’t hurt too??” Like yes! That’s exactly why I’m asking. You’re a nurse you know about feet and you’re on yours a lot, you should be able to give great advice. But no. And when I asked if this should be okay to walk on for the 58 hour week I have next week she said “that’s on you to decide”. I don’t have the medical knowledge to determine how long a sprain needs to take to rest and heal before I should really be walking miles on concrete on it again. That’s literally why I went to a HOSPITAL. with DOCTORS and NURSES. Because that’s their job. To help me and answer these questions for me. They didn’t answer any of my questions. They made me and my pain feel invalidated. The nurse conveniently didn’t sign the release papers or I would make a formal complaint on her, but I am never going back to this hospital ever again. Some parts are good but the core important parts of the staffing are uneducated and don’t care about their jobs or patients. I am extremely disappointed in the “care » I received. (in the last week)

My father had what is called a catastrophic event, which is, unfortunately, not something someone can recover from. He was taken by ambulance to Providence and received excellent care for the 2 days he was able to live. Everyone, from the ER staff, security, ICU nurses and doctors, were extremely respectful and caring. My dad was made totally comfortable and passed peacefully. It was a sad time, but they made it as “good” as they could for us. (4 months ago)

Not only did I receive mediocre patient care, but now I’m finally receiving bills 5 months after the fact. The bill looked as if it came from some sort of collection agency. I never received a bill from the actual hospital. I know I owe money for the “ER DOCTOR” for the 45 seconds he graced me with his presence and still no billing statement. My health insurance company processed those “services” in two weeks time so there is no excuse. This “hospital” could do us all a favor by going bankrupt. Do not ever use Providence Place unless you are prepared to lose your loved one. (4 months ago)

My mother just had a pacemaker put in at Providence Medical Center and we were very impressed with the hospital staff and Dr. Prashanth Katrapati, M.D., FACC. Dr. Katrapati has excellent communications skills as well as being a competent and caring physician. We also were very impressed with Providence Medical Center's cardio-vascular unit! The food was great and her room was kept very clean. The Cardiac Center staff were very welcoming as well. Overall, a wonderful experience! (3 weeks ago)

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