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Providence Medical Center is a member of Prime Healthcare. It is located in Kansas City, KS. Providencekc is also associated with Saint John Hospital, located in ...

Providence Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Wyandotte County, KS.

Providence Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Providence Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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My father had what is called a catastrophic event, which is, unfortunately, not something someone can recover from. He was taken by ambulance to Providence and received excellent care for the 2 days he was able to live. Everyone, from the ER staff, security, ICU nurses and doctors, were extremely respectful and caring. My dad was made totally comfortable and passed peacefully. It was a sad time, but they made it as “good” as they could for us. (2 months ago)

Not only did I receive mediocre patient care, but now I’m finally receiving bills 5 months after the fact. The bill looked as if it came from some sort of collection agency. I never received a bill from the actual hospital. I know I owe money for the “ER DOCTOR” for the 45 seconds he graced me with his presence and still no billing statement. My health insurance company processed those “services” in two weeks time so there is no excuse. This “hospital” could do us all a favor by going bankrupt. Do not ever use Providence Place unless you are prepared to lose your loved one. (2 months ago)

I had total hip replacement surgery at Providence with a Providence surgeon and have nothing but good things to say about every person and service that cared for me. From the pre-surgery education class through the successful surgery and the inpatient therapy, I was blessed with the best care and outcome I could have ever hoped for. I also did more than a month of outpatient physical therapy at the Providence Physical Therapy department and received amazing care and concern from my caregivers there as well. I have worked in health care and have been a patient at several other healthcare facilities in other states and would put Providence up against any of those others at any time. Thanks to my Providence surgeon and caregivers, I am now pain-free and walking without a limp after more than three very miserable years. (2 months ago)

THEY LITERALLY TRIED TO KILL ME! While I was unable to speak due to pain, they ignored my allergies list and almost put something I was deathly allergic to in my IV. I had to literally throw the nurse call light to get their attention before they killed me. When I said I was allergic, the "charge nurse" said, "oh, well, we figured you just didn't handle it well, some people say they have allergies when they really don't. The funny part was how the "charge nurse" was going on and on about how she's seen me before and she knows me. Apparently not enough to know she was about ten seconds away from knowingly killing me. (a week ago)

I should have known better then to come here. I have a chronic disorder that I have had for over 20 years and I only go to the ER when the pain gets out of control. Last night I could not manage my pain. The doctor attempted to treat me without any pain meds as I screamed and cried in pain. The doctor told me "quit crying" and when I asked him to stop because it hurt so bad he said " do you really want me to stop, I'm trying to help you" then he told me that I could "just leave" I've never felt so low in my life. I will be filing a complaint. (a month ago)

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