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Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance is known for clinical excellence, advanced ...

Providence Little Company Of Mary Med Ctr Torrance is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Los Angeles County, CA.

Providence Little Company Of Mary Med Ctr Torrance does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Providence Little Company Of Mary Med Ctr Torrance is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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I have been to this hospital twice and both times I had a great experience. My recent stay there was the best experience I had ever had in such an environment. The doctor who was taking care of me at the emergency was very thorough and ended up having me stay for more tests. Nobody wants to go to, let alone stay at a hospital but things happen that nobody can foresee, sending one there. If that happens I hope you'll be able to go to this hospital. I was sent to the cardiology unit (4th floor) for more thorough testing and without any exception all the staff there, nurses, assistant nurses, technicians and doctors were super nice and caring. Great sense of humor and most of them very personable. Throughout the 3.5 days I stayed there the staff would change from night to day so I saw and was in direct contact with over 22 people. My main doctor there was great and very open minded in the sense of exploring different possibilities and not sticking to what seems the most plausible. The only negative is the hours and hours of waiting for the next test. Which caused me having to stick around for over 3 days. Those tests could have been done during the 7 hours waiting at the emergency unit. I do understand that there is a limited amount of technicians and equipment and the hospital is always busy but waiting 3 days for 2 tests that, combined took 40 minutes at most would have driven me through the walls if it wouldn't have been for the nice staff and good doctors, giving me a sense of being in very capable hands. On a different note - the hospital can't be judged based on the emergency sign-in desk staff - I do agree that some of them are not necessarily the friendliest people, and don't seem to wanting to be there and help but they don't end up dealing with one, once getting past the signing in, things change quickly. Great place. (3 weeks ago)

If possible I would give no stars horrible triage and waiting room. They call you various times to take various tests only to send you back out to the waiting room for hours on end. There is no personal attention it is very cold and despicable environment. No comparison to Torrance Memorial where you are taken care of by the same staff for all tests on privacy not out in the open. So unprofessional and demeaning! (2 weeks ago)

It was just my luck to end up coming on a night that wasn't as busy as I'm sure it could be. Most of the workers were friendly and they kept calling me back for testing fairly quickly. I didn't have to wait that long. (2 months ago)

I have been utterly disgusted and sickened with the level of service, lack of professionalism, rudeness, and disrespect of myself and my family member that was is need of proper care at Little Company of Mary Torrance. This experience has been one that left heavy hearts questioning the quality and care that is assured by their known mission statement. At one time or another, LCM was a very replicable and trusting hospital,but I would never ever again in my life trust the any level of care in your hands. The interaction from your administrative ,and medical staff was disrespectful to say the least. When has it ever been appropriate or ethically correct to say to the patient that down right awful and irrelevant to the health and treatment,comments to the patient and families? Or medication administered to keep the patient heavily sedated in order to lessen the interactio? To demand a drug test for a patient that has not left the property due to being under medical treatment for over two weeks, or shown any signs of recreational drug use? This has been a terrible and disheartening experience that needs to be addressed immediately! (3 months ago)

My experience has been great for both my mom and myself. I believe that the staff is courteous, empathetic and genuinely concerned for the patients well being. I recently went there for numbness on my left side of my face and I will tell you, the service was excellent, from the orderly's to the technicians and the doctors. I went through an array of tests that had negative results. Thank GOD!I just believe that one bad apple shouldn't spoil the type of service provided by the hard working men and women at this hospital, including the volunteers. Just my perspective... (4 months ago)

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