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WACO, TX 76712


Providence Health Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Mclennan County, TX.

Providence Health Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Providence Health Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Extemely horrible !!!!................I have been coming here for a while and usually I have no problems. Until last week ,I am very upset on how they treated my mother and my daughter from the beginning . The medical receptionists were very unprofessional and their additudes come off as disrespectful and arrogant.My daughter could not be seen that day which is fine it's understandable every place has policies and must go by them.But there customer service is very horrid.My mother commented to my grandmother that they would have to take her to the emergency room because my daughter could not be seen there.ONE OF THE RECEPRIONIST MADE A ON CALLED COMMENT in a very sarcastic almost snobby way SAYING "emergency rooms are for emergencies only.""you'll be waiting along time" EXCUSE ME ARE YOU A DOCTOR ?HAVE U SEEN MY DAUGHTERS CONDITION ? If her doctor is unavaible and were bringing her in to a express clinic it's because SHE NEEDS MEDICAL TREATMENT .There was no need for her comment .AT THE (EMERCENCY ROOM) we found out it was much more serious then we thought. If we would have listend to her snobby comment my daughters condition would have worsened she should stick to being a receptionist or a ma not trying to act like a doctor or a know it all. I gave 1 star because Ive have came here lots of times and the doctor who has treated me is wonderful.sadly because of this I will not be returning here nor my mother nor my grandmother and especially not my daughter.they should understand customer service is important people talk and tell their friends and family thier experiences .It could make or break the possibility of people returning and most likely people will listen and not go as well (if you went to a salon n they did a horrible job and you tell your friend about it MOST LIKELY THEY WILL NEVER Go THERE!!). Receptionist here should act more professional before they keep losing patients if they do not like working with people then maybe they should look into doing something else.People need to treat people the way they want to be treated. (3 months ago)

this place is very helpful and friendly.Thanks! (7 months ago)

They never got morning appointments. (5 months ago)

HORRIBLE! I took my 1 year old at the time here for a high fever and possible pink eye on a Saturday because her pediatrician was closed and seen a male doctor forgot his name. He was rude and rushing his exact word were "nothing's wrong with her it's the same thing everyone else is bring there kids for" I told him idc about anyone else's kids were discussing mine. He Sent me home with nothing that SAME night at 11-1130ish I had to rush my daughter to hasbro because she was shaking uncontrollably and her lips turning purple. Her fever was at 104.7 and would not go down with meds. the doctor there found she had not ONE but TWO EXTREMELY bad ear infections that clearly didn't show up that bad within the few hours I left the express clinic the doctor him self said idk how he didn't notice it MIND YOU he checked her ears. I would never again take her there God forbid I was sleeping and she was in her room idk what could've happen to my child with a fever that high smh watch who's hands you put your childs care into. They are by far the worst. (a year ago)

The wait is so long I don't recommend this health center at all (a year ago)

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