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News and events, social media, and contact information for ProMedica Herrick Hospital in southeast Michigan.

Promedica Herrick Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Lenawee County, MI.

Promedica Herrick Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Promedica Herrick Hospital is a government - federal hospital.

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YOU MAY HAVE TO PAY YOUR ER DOCTOR SEPARATELY. ProMedica doesn't pay all their ER Doctors at Herrick. The hospital may be in network, but some of the ER Doctors aren't. The staff is friendly and the facility is very nice, but they are not competent at diagnosing people correctly. They put me on medication I did not need which had a harsh side effect profile. They definitely need better protocol for diagnosing heart problems, especially in younger people. (a month ago)

Been to the ER here many times. Always had very courteous, prompt service. Staff are some of the most kind, gentle people we've met, and the doctors have listened and given very helpful and professional assistance without hassle or unnecessary testing. Can get in + out of here much faster than a walk-in clinic, with far better care. We drive extra distance to get to this facility because it's worth it for the prompt service and level of care we receive. (a year ago)

My boyfriend and I went in the other night because there were no urgent care clinics open and we believed he had strep throat and we wanted to be able to get him antibiotics for it. We came in about 9:45, the waiting room was empty the entire time we were there, and we didn't get brought back until almost 11. We got the throat swabs, and got the results back. After someone grabbed our insurance information we were just ready to go home, so I went out to the desk, stood their for about two minutes until one of the nurses who was sitting there with another RN on the computer looking at Groupon asked what I needed. Once she noticed me she said "oh I have your discharge papers" they were all ready to go but she was obviously taking her time to get them to us. All I know is that, the visit could have been about 30 min to an hour but it was more like 3 and a half hours. Even though we weren't an emergency to get in and out, they should've still treated it like one. I do not recommend Herrick Hospital. (a year ago)

At herrick hospital right now. Waited in the waiting room for an hour. Finally got into a room and still here waiting to see a doctor haven't even seen a nurse it's been another hour and a half still nothing! I'm in so much pain and they don't care! Just standing around talking! Wouldn't recommend this place unless you want to wait 3-4 hours! Just as bad as bixby!! Never have I ever had a horrible experience then I have today with herrick hospital. (a year ago)

This place is a joke the will make you pay 10% of you balance a month and if you can't afford it they will sue you. I hope the place burns to the ground (2 years ago)

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