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Princeton Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Mercer County, WV.

Princeton Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Princeton Community Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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Have been in the waiting room over 2 hours, haven't even been acknowledged. A patient has even had to go out to their vehicle and provide their own blanket. There have been people get up and leave and others waiting longer than us. This has happened on two separate occasions as well. Have been taken back and waited for 6 hours for procedure and results. This is not okay. There are people in pain and in need of serious care. Waiting two plus hours just to be taken back is not acceptable in any way. I am very patient and understanding, but being this under staffed needs to change. (4 weeks ago)

I was recently in an utv accident and was taken to this hospital. I was extremely impressed and received excellent care. All of the staff were very friendly, knowledgeable, and actually concerned. The emergency room doctor addressed all of my questions and explained everything in detail. I did have to have surgery and the whole surgical staff and doctor were also fantastic, as well as the nurses on the orthopedic floor. Thanks to all that assisted in my care. (a month ago)

Went here for a dental surgery for fillings on Monday April 16th 2018, great experience. Nurses were fantastic and very understanding. They listened to everything I said and talked me through my anxiety attacks and didnt leave me while i was awake. When they put me on the operating table before putting me to sleep they did their best to keep and me calm and feel safe. They tried to make me laugh and stay calm. Really loved them. Everyone seemed very polite and understanding. Had no problems at all. Highly recommend if go to TLC Dental Care and have to have a dental surgery that you to Princeton Community Hospital. (2 months ago)

Terrible patient care. And calling Administration does absolutely nothing. Many reason and many visits with different family members in regards to the care that was received. Starting with the triage nurse, nursing staff. physicians, and Administration. From the ER to the floor nursing staff. We won't return again. The hospital used to be better than it is now. But since 2016 to now it is definitely declining greatly regarding patient care .. (5 months ago)

Lack of communication and staff does come to patients room to give them any updates on there patients,, it's ridiculous how non caring these people are. And make you wake long hours even when the hospital half empty. The staff and doctors are so busy laughing goofy off behind the station. Then help those who need help that's why people do come here for emergency, that's why it's called emergency department. .. I asked an hour ago how long they were behind there laughing caring on like it's a bar or the beach, I have been here for almost 3 hours just get get checked out what a joke (4 months ago)

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