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Prince Georges Hospital Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Prince Georges County, MD.

Prince Georges Hospital Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Prince Georges Hospital Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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This is the worst hospital!! My dad had surgery and sat 13 hours in the recovery unit before getting a room. When had to ask for food as they forgot to give him dinner and breakfast the next morning. They tried to give him medicine that was not prescribed to him but for the other guy in the room. The room is disgusting!!! Dirt and dust everywhere... rust and doors not even connects to a doorframe. Please do not go here ... the worst hospital in Maryland if not America! (a week ago)

Trauma was amazing. I cannot believe how good they made us feel while there. I even told them I was surprised because the reviews on the hospital were despicable. Then we were moved to the ER for holding until we were discharged. I realized then why the reviews were so bad. No one gave us any information. Just said we couldn't leave, eat or drink. When we were discharged they just said you are free to go. Didn't even direct us on how to get out. They didn't go over any of the discharge papers and didn't let us know we even had a prescription. Worst Hospital Ever. (3 weeks ago)

I came in and right away, I felt it was a mistake. I was a direct admit from my doctor's office and it took forever to be admitted although I was the only one waiting. The nurses seem to change every 4 hours. The staff here is majority foreigners and the others are low-level African Americans. They don't seem to grasp care or how to provide it and the service sucks. My room was hot, trash not dumped and rarely got assistance when I called. I have a major condition and scared to death to have a procedure here. They look to just charge you versus providing you care for your money. This hospital should be closed!!!!! There's no saving this hospital. (2 months ago)

I would like to personally thank the team of doctors and nurses who helped my mom to recover nicely from the emergency episode she had which led to clotting in her lungs. It was a scary ordeal for me. During her stay she told me that she was well taken care of. She was motivated and this led to a positive recovery process. From the emergency room to the team on the CCU unit and finally the regular ward thank you for treating my mom with respect and diligence. Keep up the good work team and thank you from Ms. Carnegie and family! (3 months ago)

I was born in Prince George's Hospital Center on October 26, 1991 at 11:40 pm which is on my birth certificates I should have got my medical records from there in 2000s but they only keep them for 10 years but I needed I wasted all those years and time to get it but it would have said my name Deonte Lamar Merritt my date of birth October 26, 1991 my time of birth 11:40 pm and everything if only rewind 2008 and picked it up then just it said on my birth certificate I just needed that I love myself it is a good one in my county cause its my place of birth its on my birth certificate with my name on it my parents name the address of this hospital on 3001 Hospital Drive, Cheverly Maryland 20785 somebody mom said that her son was born here on the same day and year like I was on October 26, 1991 but they were Caucasian somebody else son born in Baltimore, Maryland in another facility on the same day and year I was on October 26, 1991 from somebody mom who worked for State of Maryland Vital Records there I called to see if they had my sonogram and medical records from birth of when I was in my mother womb in that year in 91' but they destroyed cause keep them only for 10 years at least I got everything so it's okay I love it cause I was born there and hope it never leaves cause its my home hospital birthplace hospital my place of birth hospital where I was born I changed my clothes there last time I went they had lounge of snacks and other food stuff I ate one of the fabulous cookies which name "David's Cookies" cookie which is good in the hospital I was born in which is my place of birth I love it forever and ever more cause we were all delivered by certified nurse midwives born there and everything the name of the certify also heliport where helicopter lands so its nice I love myself I love my place of birth hospital this hospital that is my birthplace will be in honor for myself Deonte Merritt when goes and moves to Largo I love myself. (a week ago)

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