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Top Hospital Safety Score in the area! Quality, Safety and Compassion. Presence United Samaritans Medical Center is a distinguished, fully accredited health care ...

Presence United Samaritans Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Vermilion County, IL.

Presence United Samaritans Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Presence United Samaritans Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Aweful!!!! I havent lived in danville long and this was my first trip to the er. I went in due to my entire right side being numb from my ribcage fully down my leg with discoloration. No pain just numb and around my knee felt like it had a band around it. No doctor saw me only a nurse practitioner, she only ordered a ultersound to check for a clot, no blood test, no mri, no ct scan, she made the asumption that ot was a nerve again there is no pain, i didnt injure myself. I asked her if she could run more test and she said no that my doctor woild have to order them. I was sent home, made a appointment with my doctor to see him monday, so im home unable to work and cant lift my leg and drag it when walking until i can actually see a REAL DOCTOR! i will also add there is no emergeny room parking you have to park across the street or the main entrence then take the elevator to grpund floor. Worst hospital ive ever been to (4 months ago)

I am so livid with this place. My father is a stroke victim who is paralyzed on his left side. Who also just finished going thru chemo treatments maybe 4-5 months ago. We have been struggling with his immune system being compromised due to the chemo treatments. Well on Dec. 29th 2017 he had to go to the ER here. (We later found out he had severe case of the shingles and bronchitis) During the time he was in the ER not a single person used a face mask. The X-Ray people decided it would be smart to for 1 take his breathing treatment away to do his X-Ray (not even 2 mins after he started it) And then decided to use THE TRASHBAG FROM THE GARBAGE CAN!! To put over the part of the machine that would go behind my dads back!! After being admitted one nurse even had the audacity to tell my mother that she only has so many nurses that she can go thru before she starts to sabotage her husbands heath! I mean SERIOUSLY this is only maybe 30% of all the bad that happened during his visit/stay from Dec. 29th 2017 thru Jan. 2nd 2018. I have never been so upset with a place in my life!!! (6 months ago)

Their quick response, professionalism, and kindness saved the life of my wife who suffered a stroke while driving on highway 74 through Danville. Their is nothing I can say to express my thanks for everything they did. (a year ago)

A nurse had all the lights and monitor screen off when I walked into my son's room unnoticed while the nurse appeared to be ignoring my crying to the top of his lungs 7 month old! My baby was admitted into the hospital for lack of oxygen so the last thing a nurse should be doing is allowing him to crying for comfort. I hadn't even been gone an hour and I nursed him before I left so all she had to do was have compassion and pat him to sleep. I filed a complaint, but no one has called me. On top of that I believe today they had plans on leaving my son with this nurse again while I had attended on going to work! Beyond pissed I am in the process of getting him shipped to Carle Hospital in Urbana IL! A supervisor has still yet to contact me. However, from the mouth of the nurse on duty now, supposedly, the supervisor is going to look into it. I have given birth to two babies here and this is a first for me. This situation actually makes me wonder about each and every time staff members were alone with my babies for routine post delivery checks. This is not the place to leave your child unattended. It's already hard as a mother to go clock in to work but to leave an off oxygen for 12 hrs 7month old in the care of a licensed nurse and come back to a can not maintain oxygen while awake or sleep 7 month old due to negligence THAT IS BEYOND CRUEL!!! Yet still no word from anyone in charge! (2 years ago)

Wish ER Drs were more attentive and quicker service (a year ago)

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