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Prattville Baptist Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Autauga County, AL.

Prattville Baptist Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Prattville Baptist Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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I am not from this area and was in town for a wedding. I was having horrible shoulder pain and couldn’t move it was so bad. My best friend took me here and it was amazing. The entire staff was extremely friendly, kind, and compassionate. I was afraid, behing an out of towner, they would think I was trying to get drugs. They never treated me that way and solved my problem. My gallbladder of all things. It all made sense after that. The attack was horrible and they never dismissed me, they were very helpful, and they really wanted to help me feel better. I even had to get my records transferred so I could have the surgery at home and the records lady was wonderful as well! I would highly recommend this place to anyone needing help. I was very pleased with my horrible personal pain being taken care of by a very knowledgeable, compassionate staff! (4 weeks ago)

My daughter was in a car accident and was having severe pain in neck and shoulder. this was the closest ER so I took her, worst mistake I ever made. They slapped a neck brace on her and left her in waiting room for two hrs. Finally took her in the back and acted like they couldnt do anything until she gave them a urine sample. I had to fuss so they would take blood because she had just used the restroom two minutes before they brought her to the room. it didnt matter that we told them she was on her cycle and us on depo shot. xray attendant took xray and told us it would take 15 min for results. we waited another 2 hrs for the doctor to come back. he popped in told her take pain pills and she should be fine. had to look for nurse with our discharge paperwork. she finally shows up and says she needs to take my daughters vitals again. doesnt understand why im upset even though noone stepped foot in the room to check on her the entire 2hrs we were in the room. and now at discharge you want to try and act professional. My advice drive to montgomery, because you would ger better care at Primed than at Prattville ER. (a month ago)

I have been there many times and treated with the most respect. They are caring people. (a month ago)

I wish I could give a half of a star because they don't deserve a whole one. I took my very sick baby there the morning of his 1st Birthday which was after 4 in the morning because he was at home miserable, couldn't sleep continuously coughing so badly to the point of gagging and also had a runny nose. They swab his nose and throat for strep, flu and RSV and also did a chest x-ray everything thing came back negative. Only one person that enter the room introduced herself the others did not the Doctor never came in to see us he only sent words by the nurse to tell us what was what. They said it was viral and nothing they could do for him just use saline drop for his nose and was sending us home after we stayed there freezing for 3 hours they didn't offer us a blanket. I call my Mom who's a RN she told me to go back and ask them could they give him something for the coughing because it's the weekend and he can't cough like that with nothing to help. I went back to talk too someone, morning shift had came in so everyone that was there had gone home (so they say). A nurse I'm assuming because no one here believes in introducing themselves guess they don't want to take the blame for the horrible service they provide, she comes out and I tell her what's going on and she ask me who saw him in of course I don't know anyones name so she go talk to a doctor to see what he wanted to do. She comes back out tell me he's to young to prescribe something(what?!) for him to just give him over the counter Robitussin two mL or how every many teaspoons be they didn't even write it down on a piece of paper so I could remember. I told her he can't take over the counter medicine he's to young then I left. At their doctor they give them allergy medicine for running nose coughing and sneezing and I absolutely will never be coming back to this hospital/ER again they are careless when it comes to well nevermind but we won't be back!! They misdiagnosed and refused (saying there's nothing to give him when it actually is) to give him something so he could be better what's the point of even seeing babies if the only thing they can give is amoxicillin for an infection, pointless and just crazy. (4 months ago)

I took my 4 month old baby to the emergency room, the dr says nothing is wrong. So Then I took her to her dr and she has rsv and an ear infection. I hate this place and isn’t going back (4 months ago)

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