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Polk Medical Center is a 25-bed critical-access hospital in Cedartown, Georgia, that provides 24-hour emergency care and a variety of health care services.

Polk Medical Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Polk County, GA.

Polk Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Polk Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Have stomach pains, . I go here a few nights ago, explained to them my symptoms. All they did was ask questions, took vital signs and blood. And tried to guess what it was. None of them knew. Recommended me to other docs in other areas to SEE if they could help. No one at floyd Polk even bothered to do a stomach exam/CT scan. I am still here in pain, left there in pain. He wrote a high expensive prescription and went on dandy with his chit chat gossip. And here I am with a bill almost $500!!!! For nothing!! (a month ago)

The dr was totally insufficient, didn't examine my injuries ( my leg got run over by a truck ) other than having abrasions washed of and lightly bandaged. It has been over a week and can still not walk without walker. One wound bled for days and should have been stitched, is now so infected that my whole foot blew uo like a balloon. Also,bled internally from contusions in rib area and bruising internally. The dr's only comment to me was that I was lucky, and it could have been much worse. I don't feel too lucky. He gave me no antibiotics and I had to ask for a tetanus and anti-inflammatory shots. The room was sloppy and staff disorganized. (a month ago)

I use this hospital whenever we have an emergency....thats the key word there. EMERGENCY My 4 year old had an accident and cut her nose pretty badly and I rushed her to the Emergency room and we had to sit and wait for almost an hour to go back due to all the sick people in the emergency room...during doctor office hours. The emergency room is for emergencies and they should be put over someone sick. On a good note they treated my daughter very good and made her as comfortable as possible for getting 4 stitches. (5 months ago)

Went here for broke foot the other day they said nothing was wrong with it call me 3 days later and said. Oh we made a mistake it is broke along with my big toe stupid idiots (a month ago)

Went in for the flu and got carted to the back and put on an EKG. All because my chest was tight and my body ached. I went in for an antibiotic or something but walked out with a mask that I had to grab myself on the way out just so I don't make my family sick too. They did swab my nose to test for the flu but it came back negative, meanwhile I'm now coughing and aching with obviously the flu???? Wasted a copay and Dr bill that's about all they helped me do. And the head of billing was super rude before and after I paid my copay, she came in the room and insisted I pay right away, paying on the way out want an option. Did I mention I was hooked up to the machines while paying and signing all the papers? Never again, I'll drive to Redmond from now on or bleed out trying to get there. (4 months ago)

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