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NEWTON, MS 39345


Pioneer Health Services Of Newton is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Newton County, MS.

Pioneer Health Services Of Newton does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Pioneer Health Services Of Newton is a proprietary hospital.

Location and Directions


There are some people that you meet that you just know have found their calling, because they love what they do. Than there are people like Eric that work at facilities such as Pioneer Health Services that are simply collecting a check, and have no business working for an establishment where people are so vulnerable. I voluntarily chose to seek treatment, and have done everything to better my life for my children. I travelled through two states, signed temporary custody of my kids over to my family in Oregon, detoxed on my own and patiently waited 15 days to take the assessment needed to get me into an inpatient facility. Due to construction and a wrong turn downtown, I realized I would be a few minutes late for my 9am appointment. I began calling Pioneer Health Services at 8:50am and received a recording that they didn't open until 9am. I called again at 9am and spoke to Eric, explained I was a few minutes late, but coming. Gave him my name and location this time any person in a position such as his could have begun the check in process to save me time. As I got closer I called again at 9:10 letting him know I was now walking down the block because traffic was not moving! I entered the facilities at 9:14 ready to finally take my life back and voluntarily seek help, and with no regard at all to all the sacrifices I had made to get here, Eric turned me away. As he fumbled through his schedule to make me another appointment I asked him how he could do this, my life is literally on the line and I wondered just how many people have they turned away carelessly that never returned. Mind you, there is not one person in the waiting area yet, but my 14 minutes was going to throw off the entire day and there was not one thing he could do. He insisted that there was nobody in the waiting area because they were all in the back with a case worker taking their assessments, and all case workers were busy; nobody could help me. Really?? Than tell me why I walked down the hallway where the offices were located there was nothing but caseworkers in each, no others seeking help. Also please explain to me why I then saw a case worker slowly make his way down the hallway, appearing bored, walk into another persons office, and spend a good 5-10 minutes talking about anything but work related topics. A personal conversation and chat, but there was nobody there to help me. Really?? I asked for a manager and was told by Eric he would be happy to get the manager to come tell me the same thing. Mind you this is voluntarily being done on my part, and this is not a dentist appointment this is my life and that Of my children's being effected. Also consider that this is an establishment that is supposed to encourage and support you during one of the scariest and most important steps in recovery. Other than the plaque hanging on the wall that said something along those lines, you would never know that this was anything other than a place for an inconsiderate, unknowing and non-compassionate person to collect a paycheck. In my opinion; he's paid too much, guaranteed! Thankfully by the grace of God I spoke to a gentleman at another facility that went above and beyond, placed me on hold to ask others advice on how I could get the help that I was seeking. Although it will involve jumping through a few extra hoops, I will thankfully be receiving the help that I need within about 2 days, as opposed to another 2 weeks. To those funding and referring to Pioneer Health Services I say this with every fiber of my being, your staff needs to be reevaluated immediately! The procedures and policies on assement intakes needs to be reevaluated immediately! Lastly, yet most importantly, somebody needs to look into how many people never came back, those that couldn't wait 14 more days because they didn't have 14minutes to spare! Their pain and suffering is on your hands Pioneer, all of you, Including the worker that stood out front smoking after being at work just 20mins, but was too busy to help me! Shameful! (10 months ago)

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