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1266 HIGHWAY 515 SOUTH, JASPER, GA 30143
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JASPER, GA 30143


Piedmont Mountainside Hospital Inc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Pickens County, GA.

Piedmont Mountainside Hospital Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Piedmont Mountainside Hospital Inc is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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I talked a friend of mine into going out to get his hand and arm checked because he can't even move it... they wrapped it in some gauze and gave him Motrin 800mg which he has already been taking with no relief that's the only reason I finally got him talked into going... They would not give him ANYTHING stronger so MAYBE he could get some rest they had rather see somebody loose their job's and not be able to get insurance so they could have surgery done on it to fix it... This place does not care about it's patients and I will NEVER recommend anybody I know to go to that place again.... I wouldn't trust them with my dog!!!!! Thanks for nothing!!!! But I bet you will be making sure to send a bill for doing NOTHING to help him....hopefully you will have to sit around watching a loved one of yours in that much pain to be told take some Motrin... that you told them don't work and they loose their job because they would not help you... Shame on y'all!!!!!!! (a month ago)

We had to bring our 2 year old with a cut on his leg due to CHOA being closed and we had amazing service!! As soon as we walked in they took us back right away and the nurses and all the staff were so good with our son and patient!! The nurse even let my son wash his leg after the nurse did!! I would recommend this hospital to everyone!!! Exceptional service!!!! (2 months ago)

SURGERY OUTPATIENT HORRID EXPERIENCE IN RECOVERY! Male nurse (NOT Chuck) handed me my clothes told me to get dressed & I can leave. Left IV needle in my arm. Never called my family. Never offered assistance to help get dressed with abdominal sutures! After dressed nurse offered NO assistance to car & had me WALK ALONE to car in parking lot after General Anesthesia! (a month ago)

THIS COUNTRY HOSPITAL IS A JOKE! I took my wife to the emergency room due to severe nausea. The receptionists were marginally polite. And, I must say Doctor Barrett, who had a Eastern European accent,was professional, however, the nursing staff was rude, ignorant, and unprofessional towards me. If I were not a man-of-color, I would have accepted said behavior as just what I stated. But, the nursing staff of Jackie and Shana were much more than ignorant, they were overtly racist, bigoted, and xenophobic. And, I do not use these adjectives lightly. The so-called healthcare workers were immediately unmistakably, unapolegetically​ hostile towards me. Before encountering medical evil, I had explained to the Eastern European Dr. Barrett that my wife has collapsed veins, therefore, it is routinely difficult to do an IV procedure. The Doctor assured me that nurse Jackie was an expert and would have no difficulty in performing said routine procedure. Immediately upon entering the room, nurse Jackie gave me the stink eye. Nurse Jackie did not greet and/or even acknowledge either my wife or I upon entering the emergency room. Since, I am a polite human being, I did the prudent thing, and greeted nurse Jackie with a proper salutation: " Good morning!" I got a lukewarm response. However, there was no human interaction, my wife, and in particular yours truly got the cold shoulder. I re-explained to nurse Jackie that my wife has collapsed veins, and neither my comments and or questions got as much as a head nod from Nurse Jackie. My phonetically perfect verbal requests were if as one was speaking to a concrete wall of desdain and contempt. I explained to nurse Jackie that my wife has a long history of difficulty getting the aforementioned procedure, however, my words were completely ignored and brushed off as if I was speaking in a foreign language. For the record, I am college educated, and speak three languages fluently: Hebrew, English and Spanish. In the meantime, RN Shana walks into the room with what I did not think was possible, an even more aggressive and hostile non-verbal communication than Nurse Jackie was displaying towards yours truly. Again, nurse Jackie and Nurse Shana must have received the same customer/patient training: Zero. No etiquette. No bed side manner. No humanity. Wow! I thought medical professionals were required to be immune to workplace prejudices and biases, however, they could not contain there overt racism towards me. After several unsuccessful, haphazard attempts, to insert iv needles, and my wife's agonizing sighs, I got up from my chair and told nurse Jackie to stop torturing my wife. I still got no answer and /or explanation. I supplicated with the fake healthcare workers to choose an alternate point of entry for the needle. But, again, my petition was ignored. Finally, as a methld of desperation, and after over 20 minutes of torture, I took out my cellphone and began recording my wife's agony. Then, and only then, did nurse Shana speak to me However, she only opened her mouth to chastise me to put my phone away and stop recording. I asked nurse shana why? And she replied that it (recording) was not allowed. Finally, I had their attention. Therefore, I asked what the standard operating procedure is for failed needle insertion (sticking) attempts was/is? Since my wife has been in the emergency room several times, I knew/know the protocol is two unsuccessful attempts. When I told the nurses to stop because nurse Jackie had exhausted and exceeded her failed two (2) attempts. Nurse Shana lied and said nurse Jackie had only 'stuck' my wife twice, but I saw her stick my wife trice. Subsequently, I asked nurse Jackie and nurse Shana for another healthcare worker to attempt the procedure. I pleaded for an (OR) operating room nurse, and finally nurse Jackie spoke and said: "our OR is not open." I repleaded with both nurses to find an alternate vascular point of entry, but was not given any explanation as to why they persisted in using my wife's lower left elbow for needle insertion. CONTINUED (3 weeks ago)

Well first there was no doctors in the building and the closet one that was busy and could deliver a babywas in ellijay they had to call someone who was busy to run over and help deliver a baby and they sent use home without take the clap off the umbilical cord (a week ago)

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