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Since 1983, the staff at Piedmont Medical Center has been committed to helping members of our community stay healthy and to lead an active lifestyle.

Piedmont Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in York County, SC.

Piedmont Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Piedmont Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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My mother passed away at this hospital on 04/20/2018. I have to say that this hospitals palliative team is horrendous!!!! To start off my mother could not get onto a bed pan let alone say she needed to use it. Had it not been for my sisters and I checking my mother, she would have sat in her own urine. My mother was removed from life support without notification or any explanation as to what they were doing to my sisters who were present. 1 1/2 hours before my mother passed, their case worker Debbie came into the room and argued with us that she would be moved to Pineville. Needless to say she received a piece of my mind. The doctor was supposed to come into the room and talk to us before removing life support and he never did. He just showed up to pronounce her. DO NOT TAKE YOUR LOVED ONES HER IF YOU FEEL IT IS EMERGENT!!! (a month ago)

I went to the emergency room today and it was probably the WORST medical care I have ever gotten by a doctor (the nurses and other staff seemed very nice and caring. But most of why I came in was never addressed by the Dr, or just glossed over because it "wasn't an emergency" and because I had just seen my own Dr a week ago and had another appointment set up with him next week. I had ear fullness, congestion., and ringing in my ear - and never had my ears looked at. I had severe foot pain that kept me up all night and he never looked at my foot - didn't even take my footwear off to see if I had possibly stepped on something. No x-rays. No blood work. No tests of any kind. No prescriptions. EDITED TO ADD - I went to the wound care center 3 days after this ER visit and there was a LARGE OPEN WOUND on the bottom of my left foot, which would have been IMMEDIATELY evident had the ER Dr bothered to check my foot. (3 weeks ago)

I was in the women’s tower recovering from surgery. As far as care from the nurses and the CNAs it was super. They made sure my stay was as comfortable as possible, meds given on time. BIG THANK YOU! Just as the previous reviewers said, the food does suck. Ask for the pudding and graham crackers. It’s the hospital ya know, not a restaurant. I didn’t have high expectations based on other reviews, but I’d totally recommend this hospital! Super nice nurses and staff! (a month ago)

Unbelievable horrid experience. I went to the emergency room for possible heart attack. Let me say HIPPA law violations everywhere. I was asked for medical information, personal information,and even given a bill estimate all in the presence of 4 other patients. I’m not sure if the ER is understaffed or not enough room or what. I overheard a lot of information about some of the patients in the make shift triage area. Oh, and my heart attack, they did ekg, chest X-ray, but came back saying I have carpal tunnel syndrome. Go figure. I will not be going back. Ever!!! (a week ago)

PLEASE CLEAN UP THIS HOSPITAL. THE ROOMS ARE DIRTY THE FLOORS IN RESTROOMS ARE DIRTY, DIRTY. THE FURNITURE IN MOST OF THE ROOMS ARE TORN AND THE WOOD FURNITURE IN THE ROOMS ARE IN POOR CONDITION. FOOD - NO FOOD CHOICES. Example breakfast : fried potatoes, grits, and fruit and everything was cold. The staff was very nice. NURSES It's a shame they have to work in CONDITIONS like this No cleaning going on in that HOSPITAL . (2 weeks ago)

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