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ATHENS, GA 30606

Trusted Healthcare in Northeast Georgia . Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center is a 360-bed non-profit hospital and regional referral center serving a 17-county ...

Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Clarke County, GA.

Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Brenda is the most caring individual I have met in a long time in the deli. We we're here for an outpatient procedure for my daughter that took much longer than expected and when my credit card declined to pay for lunch she offered to pay for it. I haven't ever had anyone do that for me. It feels good as a single mother to know someone else cares. Great staff all around I have never had a bad experience here. (a month ago)

Wait time to get my girl back was very short. Her back was hurting. Friendly and helpful staff. Plenty of free parking with validation. Had to take x ray. It was reviewed quickly. Not a bad emergency department. (2 weeks ago)

I've had some pretty horrible experiences with this place, and some great experiences. I've been in the Mother/Baby unit twice, had regular care in the Midwifery Clinic, and been to the ER several times. My first time staying here for maternity, an hour after I got in my recovery room I received a phone call on the hospital phone from someone posing as a Playtex rep giving away mother/baby supplies who was some pervert asking all sorts of personal questions. The nurses said same thing had happened to at least one other patient, I don't know why they never took any measures to protect patient privacy, as simple as giving me a warning! After that I asked that no one but my husband be allowed to visit me, but when he came he said they didn't check his ID. Security in the mother baby unit is a joke. My shower leaked all over my room, a maintenance guy just came in after knocking talking about the leaking on the floor below my room. I was feeling pretty violated by that point. I have received excellent care from Dr. Sunil Alexander and the midwives in the Midwifery Clinic, and that's why I chose this hospital for my subsequent delivery despite the catastrophe that was my first delivery here. My second delivery experience was excellent, though their security measures were unchanged. I have been to the ER with my kids, and although there is usually over an hour wait, I've never been there more than 3 hours. One time, my child was checked by 4-5 different people for something they didn't need another opinion on. I don't know if they were taking advantage of her insurance or were trying to train people. It was excessive. My latest trip to the ER was for a kidney stone last year. I am STILL dealing with receiving bills for this because they did not bill my primary insurance, stating that my insurance wasn't going through, when in actuality my card was already on file and they entered the numbers incorrectly. They refuse to take responsibility for this, tried to get me to pay to keep it out of collections, and so I've wasted hours of my life being the middleman between their two billing offices and my two insurances. There are other things, like prescribing my daughter medication she is allergic to after I told them about her allergy, but this review is quite long already. I feel like we have received good health care here when it comes to the doctors and nurses, people have good attitudes and are friendly. The hospital is clean. Customer service is just lacking. (3 weeks ago)

Just came home from having my baby at this hospital and I had such a great experience from the moment we registered till when we walked out the door. Almost every single nurse (other than 2 very rude women) were amazing! They cared to my and my newborn daughter's every need. I would definitely recommend having your baby delivered at this hospital. (2 months ago)

I was there back in March of this year. Reason for my visit there was to find out why, I have a lump on my right arm that keeps swelling and is very painful. It was caused after breaking my proximal humerus, on November of last year. I wasted about three hours there. And had to ask the doctor what was wrong with my arm. Get this people... he told me, well your arm is not healing properly. That's all he said. And get this, I knew before he said that, that my arm was not healing properly. That's not what I wanted to know. I still to this day, want to know why I still have pain and swelling in that arm. No relief, so guessing I will have to live with not knowing. (3 weeks ago)

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