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Our Area Office is based in Phoenix, Arizona, ... Our largest health care facility is the Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC), located near downtown Phoenix.

Phoenix Indian Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Maricopa County, AZ.

Phoenix Indian Medical Center does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Phoenix Indian Medical Center is a government - federal hospital.

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I have been to this facility 3 times and had great service every time. The Doctors and the staff at the Star Clinic, Pharmacy and the Dental Clinic were all great and friendly! My son has been several times as well and always receives great service. Also, I am so happy that they have the Star Clinic so that when you have to see a doctor on the weekend you don't have to wait in the ER. Thank you all making it a great experience! (a month ago)

I’ve been going to this hospital my whole life and always had a good experience. This past month I’ve had to make a couple appointments in the Women’s clinic and it’s finally led up to getting my surgery today which was my first. I was nervous but the nurses and doctors were reassuring, lighthearted and professional. Dr. Kohr is the best. She’s been so professional and definitely knows what she’s doing. The staff is always polite and friendly. I feel confident in what they do and I’m grateful! Thank you PIMC! (in the last week)

I regularly go to this hospital. I have insurance and could go somewhere else but I choose to come here. I think most people don’t understand that IHS is socializing medicine, there is going to be a long wait for some visits, there isn’t a lot of money flowing through here because, guess what? You don’t pay anything out of pocket for any services. Yes, customer service isn’t like Chick-fil-a, but just be nice and they will return the favor. For the most part, I have great interaction with people even those who were having a bad day, all I did was smile and had some patience. I have had few bad interactions with some doctors, and have decided not to ever get appointments with them. I have that choice. To be fair, I have also had horrible experiences with private sector doctors as well, so go figure it’s every where! All in all I would recommend going here, the midwives are spectacular!! Wouldn’t have my children anywhere else! The dental has been great for my children and same day surgery is great! Pediatrics has some good doctors but also has some doctors that are very judgmental and belittling, esp of alternative medicine. (in the last week)

I'm going to experience this hospital for the first time with my son. I will comment on the visit and rate it in a few days. I've gone through and read all the reviews. I hope most of the issues have been addressed as of April 2018. Very interesting experiences written..good and bad, but mostly bad. **Recent 2 visits went well..don't have any problems to report. I am just thankful and grateful these services are available. (2 months ago)

I don’t even know where to start, I can’t believe this so call hospital is still up and gets service. This is an embarrassment for the Native American people!!. The staff here and whoever made the rules love to waste people’s time!!! Let me start with how rude and unprofessional the staff are some doctors are okay, over all no one smiles and no one seems happy to be at work. The staff here are useless and lazy all they do is cut corners all day. They will give you any easy answer they can find. You might have cancer and they will tell you that your are a healthy person. These people don’t care about the patients! I was here today to pick up some X-ray results NO ONE knew what to tell me when I asked for help on the results the NURSE told me to go home and “google it” With that obvious LACK of knowledge I wouldn’t bring my children, friends or family here. This place needs to get shut down!!! The doctors and nurses love to take their sweet time before seeing you, I’ve been to many hospitals and clinics in many different states as well. I understand doctors and nurses are very busy and have a lot of people to see but I am telling you people who are reading this, this place is so unacceptable and very disappointing. I’ve been coming here since I was young I ignored the fact this hospital was a bad place for people in need physically and mentally but after so many years of seeing the way the staff are here I can no longer keep quiet. Why be a nurse or a staff in a hospital if you don’t like to smile? Greet people? Help people with simple questions instead you tell them to make an appointment that’s weeks away or hours away. I feel so sorry for my fellow Native Americans that trust and come to this joke of a hospital. PHOENIX INDIAN MEDICAL CENTER YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!!!! (a month ago)

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