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Phoebe Worth Medical Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Worth County, GA.

Phoebe Worth Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Phoebe Worth Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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If you are white expect to be treated different even placed behind blacks who didn’t have an appointment even though you were there and signed in first. Phoebe has the most unprofessional racist and uncaring employees especially at the Worth county medical office. I love my dr but definitely considering changing to a non phoebe office in Tifton. (5 months ago)

Some of the people need to take a course in how to take care of their patients. Others need to learn how to tell the truth. (7 months ago)

There was nothing that we liked about it!! My husband injured his neck. He was treated for chest pain. An hour later the doctor came around and asked him "how do you feel". He said "no different". She asked" did they give you a shot in the butt?" He said "nobody has been back in here". She began making excuses for the nursing staff. She stated" we have two nurses and they are busy". She also stated" I just don't know what to say". I believe she was EXtremely embarred. Then the nurse came in and gave him a shot in the butt. The doctor came back around and asked "how are you doing?" He stated "it still hurts". She sent him home with a presciption of zantac, ibuprofen, low dose prednisone, and norflex". He asked the nurse kindly if he could please have something stronger for the pain? I remind you" my husband hasn't been to the ER since 1999". The nurse came back and stated, " she thinks the prescription she gave you will help your pain". We said "ok" and kindly handed back the prescriptions for zantac and ibuprofen because we had them at home. Needless to say, he hurt all night long. He finally slept for aN hour at 3:00 am. I felt horribly bad for my husband. I called the ER around 9:00 am the next morning. I spoke with a nurse. I told her the situation. Then she very rudely replied "the same doctor that treated him is still here and she said he can't HAVE ANYTHING FOR PAIN". I proceeded to say that I am a nurse myself. "I feel that people who have to pay for their own Healthcare cannot even be treated appropriately because of the stereotyping that the doctor proceeded to do to my husband." It is very sad because I watched my husband in agonizing pain for days because one female Arabic doctor stereotyped my husband to be a drug addict that he absolutely is NOT!! The doctors name is Garg Sucheta. Very unprofessional along with the nursing staff. And let me remind everyone who is treated at Phoebe...they cannot even pass Joint Commission standards. So the next time you send your family to a medical facility, even though we are very limited in these rural communities, please go to tifton or moultrie or valdosta!!! This is scary and I am truly afraid for the future of all of us! Take care of your family and yourself. Do NOT GO TO A PHOEBE OWNED FACILITY!!! (2 years ago)

Me toco estar ahi para desinstalsr un equipo Tomografo 27.05.16 (2 years ago)

(3 months ago)

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