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387 WEST I 10, FORT STOCKTON, TX 79735
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387 WEST I 10

Pecos County Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Pecos County, TX.

Pecos County Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Pecos County Memorial Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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Made an appointment 2 weeks ahead, still had to wait. It was just for a shot at 9:15am and it took til 10am( Wasn't the worst waiting time). It's like no one is keeping track of anything. Also the doctors here don't know anything. I got injured at work and my foot was in pain. The doctor gave me pills and that's it. Didn't work for s**t and it was just a jammed toe that my brother help it unjammed. Good luck get basic care and be careful of what they give you. (8 months ago)

Skill only matters to the patient. (in the last week)

Worst place EVER! My husband went for having breathing problems and was ask why he wait so long to come and does he normally talk weird. Nurses came in and took blood and x rays and he waited over 3 hours and still no results. They had him laying in a room with just a gown on and wouldn't bring him a blanket. After 4 hours of waiting a nurse came in and said the doctor will be in soon. My husband by now was frustrated and wanted to leave so the nurse shrugged her shoulders and let him leave! I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone's pet! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE! (8 months ago)

No stars. Unless you are moments away from death avoid this place at all cost. Highway robbery at it's finest. Expect separate bills, one for the er and one for dr services. Even if you have great coverage your insurance will not approve the ridiculous amounts they charge for services. They bill you slightly less than 500.00 on each bill which is the cutoff for filing a grievance with the state. When you call their billing service they will tell you they offer discounts only to people who have no insurance, there's also an option for if you are calling from an attorney's office which should tell you something. (11 months ago)

Would give them no star if it would let me. Sat in my room while nurses are on internet and sitting there laughing and carrying on. This is not our first bad experience. We live in Sanderson so this is the nearest hospital. I worked for Seton in Austin and if our nurses and doctors did this they would be fired and administration would be calling the patient to resolve whatever issue was at hand. (a year ago)

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