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Peacehealth United General Medical Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Skagit County, WA.

Peacehealth United General Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Peacehealth United General Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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I never write reviews but I felt the need to for this place. Horrible experience. My boyfriend went yesterday morning for high blood pressure. He’s had high blood pressure so he knows his body and when he’s not feeling well. To start off, we were there for 3 and a half hours before the Dr. finally came into his room. The Dr. was very rude. He barely gave my bf any time to answer the questions he was being asked. Any time we tried to talk it’s as if he were cutting us off and just talked over us. He also told us a headache is not something to come in to the ER for with a smirk on his face. After we told him he also had chills and his hands were tingly. Again, he’s had high blood pressure for years so he knows from experience when he needs to go to the ER. He tried to tell us that he probably got a headache from working. His blood pressure was 156/120 at the time and told him that is nothing to worry about. This of course was after he was in there for awhile. Before the Dr came in, we were quite irritated with being there for so long that we asked if he can just have his medication pull given to him so we can get out of there and they didn’t come back after that for another hour. By the time the Dr was in there and was very rude, we just wanted to get the heck out of there. Will never go back there. Ridiculous how we were spoken to. (a month ago)

I have a personal beef with PeaceHealth due to several facts: 1) They never can seem to bill me before it ends up in a collections account. 2) Called their office to file a complaint about a HIPAA violation (sent me unsealed mail with my Private Health Information hanging out of the envelope) and several others - a lady name Sunshine told me she would take my message and pass it to her manager to get back to me... nothing. Tried calling for over a month, no answers or nothing. Obviously avoiding my call due to the possible legalities they were going to face. 3) They gave me 5 intravenous drugs back-to-back and ignored my request to not have Benadryl, which ended up giving me a seizure. Thanks guys. 4) I get a letter in the mail saying I am "at a high risk of health issues and even death". I of course call the doctor to see what exactly was wrong but only got the "Well you need to come in for more tests and screenings" runaround. I expressed that he sounded like more of a salesperson than a doctor because he could not tell me one single detail of why I got that letter. 5) Nurses on several occasions gave me shots without alcohol swabbing first and one a couple occasions didn't properly communicate to each other that I was already given a dose, so they gave me double and played it off like they were supposed to. Be on the lookout for any legal violation they cause, because they will and you should take steps to protect yourself. (3 months ago)

We have a family history of a very serious health condition that can be fatal. I was very impressed for this small hospital and all my care staff from reception check in to after surgery recovery. Superb educated, polite, and extremely caring staff. Thank you, Rachele Custer (11 months ago)

PeaceHealth hospital corporation is the worst choice of hospitals in Washington State. With so many other quality choices available in the area, this is NOT where you want to obtain quality medical treatment. Sedro Woolley United General was much better before they were purchased by PeaceHealth. (a year ago)

My husband is in the Hospital at United General in Sedro Woolley, I took him into the emergency room last night and the care he received was exceptional, they were very caring, kept coming into the room to let him know what was going on, he had to be there for awhile so they brought food for him while he was waiting, it turned out he had to stay a few days but has had nothing but great service, very comfortable room with a great bed. I don't know why people always say bad things about this hospital, you have to have patience because you are not the only patient they have there. things take time to work and if you have lab work you have to wait until the results are in before someone can tell you what the problem is. just learn to be patient, my husband was in there with an older gentleman that had blood clots in his lungs, can you imagine how much pain he was in and he sat there very quiet and waited his turn. (a year ago)

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