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The leading hospital for Vancouver and Southwest Washington, PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center provides a full range medical and surgical services

Peacehealth Southwest Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Clark County, WA.

Peacehealth Southwest Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Peacehealth Southwest Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Lets face it, a hospital visit of any kind is never by choice. Have had 2 surgeries in the last 2 years, one out-patient and one with a 3 day stay. The food was delicious! All the nurses were very professional, and all things considered, I was pleased with the care I received. If not for a couple hiccups with nursing staff I would have given 5-star. I appreciated their follow-up contact on my care also... (a week ago)

Waiting room 3 1/2 hrs, in back seen fast an they ghosted me for 2hrs, no explanation no call button explanation, zero. Explained my medical condition an tests ordered they said we will keep you comfortable till we figure this out. Ugh, if they mean comfortable by yelling down the halls for help just to pee or unhook ones self to go. They were slammed, understaffed an stressed out I could feel an see an smell the stress. Felt worse for the staff than for myself. Not healthy, how do you trust a diagnosis from that standpoint. They kept me comfortable but it took 2 hrs to get an there was a mix up, the nurse acted like she didn't want to give it non the less be at her job. Nice lady but I knew she was stressed put due to the lack of professionalism from coworkers treating her like she is the only 1 that can do it. Hospital is where I go for care due to me getting sick at times the last thing I need is to take home more emotional baggage. Used their pharmacy to be met with a very arrogant human. So, this will be my 1st an last time to this place. Nice staff, some of them. (a month ago)

I would like to publicly declare the good and mighty works of this hospital I came here with a spinal injury and I have been treated with dignity and respect and beyond my expectations the staff were well prepared communicated well with me their needs and I with them and we come into agreement on everything and I'm here to tell you that this is the best prepared staff that I have ever seen I just have too edit today to further testify too the lenghts that the staff of room 6125 has gone through too get me too. Is remarkable in everyday facet of function they perform beyond expectations each and every time. (a month ago)

ZERO stars...They Ridiculously OVER CHARGE for minor ER visits. I tore 1 week old stitches in my hand and Peace Health billed me $3,597.10 for 2 stitches! This does not include the PA's bill for another $987 either! Almost 3 times the cost of the ER that did more extensive repairs 7 days prior after my accident. I suggest you make the 10 min drive to Legacy Salmon Creek ER instead. My wife was charged less there for a broken ankle last year. I originally thought it was a coding mistake, but after almost a year of calling them and getting the runaround, they insist these charges are correct and they will send me to collections if I refuse to pay! UNFAIR business practices. They should warn you upfront if it's not life or death. No urgent cares are open on a Sunday night, so the ER is all you get if you're hurt. Buyer beware!! (a month ago)

Here's what your medical center did to me, I'm constantly sick, dropping weight, can't sleep and am sick all due to my neck injury that you all don't give a damn about. I've haven't had a meal in 2 weeks only broth and toast one day , I can't walk too far without getting out of breath. I can't sleep in any sense. You only masked my symptoms of my neck with drugs, Peacehealth made me like this. I don't deserve this at all just because I'm working poor doesn't mean you all can't have compassion to help me without doping me up and your drugs making me sick. I'm going to show you how you messed up my life because you didn't care. This is a picture of me now and the next picture is who I used to be.... (2 weeks ago)

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