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Patients are #1 at Paulding County Hospital. Providing top quality healthcare to patients is our reason for existence and we have the skilled, trained employees, the ...

Paulding County Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Paulding County, OH.

Paulding County Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Paulding County Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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My husband was a patient twice in the past year. Always had wonderful treatment. Nursing staff was cheerful and caring. ER nurses went out of their way to help us. No complaints what so ever! (8 months ago)

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Went in because I was in so much pain, i was getting sick, pain was a 9.5 when I went in, and a 9.3 when I left, worst experience in a hospital i have ever had, would recommend people to avoid this hospital, the staff is not people friendly, dr dayoub, worst er dr i have ever delt with, you my friend will be reported to the hospital and also the National medical association, (a year ago)

This hospital needs to be investigated, worst ever place to visit, the whole hospital staff needs terminated due to being incompetent, and then it needs to be shut down and tore down, (8 months ago)

A few months ago, this hospital got taken over by, well, I don't want to call them Nazis, because it would be unfair to the Nazis. I arrived at the emergency room without my wallet because, well, it was an emergency. Despite my insurance information being in the system I was treated like an indigent drug seeker. From a five minute exam where I passed out every time I sneezed, the doctor, without performing any tests or feeling my ribs, told me that they "probably weren't broken" unless I was "lying about how I injured them". She told me to go home and take some Motrin. If you need to go to the ER, I highly suggest taking an extra twenty minutes and going to Defiance. If you won't live to make it to Defiance, the animal hospital across the street from the Paulding hospital is probably a better bet. (2 years ago)

While in the ICU of the Paulding Hospital, I was subjected to oxygen deprivation by the on duty physician and nursing staff due to a respiratory tech with mental issues making false statements to the nurses on staff while I was recovering from respiratory failure. I was on a CPAP machine due to low oxygen level. A respiratory tech came in and removed the mask to give me a breathing treatment. She put oxygen tube to my nostrils and then put a breathing treatment mask on. She promptly left the room and did not return for 1 hour. I asked her if it was normal to leave a patient on such a high level of oxygen burning out my sinus track for nearly a full hour after the treatment was done. She shad no response and left the room. I put the CPAP mask on myself. I heard her in the hall telling a male nurse that she hadn't cried that hard in her life. He told her that he was a smoker also and that they should go smoke and talk about it. When the nurse returned, he made the statement that they take care of their own and had a disgusted look on his face. Almost immediately, a Dr. entered a room beside mine that I believe was a maintenance room and my oxygen stopped flowing. My alarms were going off and I pushed the nurse call button several times, but a nurse never came. My nurse alarm was just repeatedly turned off. Once I realized what was happening to me, I put my hands in the praying position and begged for my oxygen to be turned back on. It fell on deaf ears. Still no nurse helped me. My assigned nurse came down the hall towards my room and saw that I was begging for oxygen and she yelled that she was taking no part of what was happening. She turned around and left. I fought for my life until shift change several times blacking out and was given a small amount of oxygen to keep me from dying. When shift change happened, my oxygen was restored and the Dr. came out of the room beside me almost in a full sprint. The resp. tech that gave me my breathing treatment was locked in a room across the hall and said that she was scared to come out because I had called her a porch monkey. The head nurse investigated this issue and found that my oxygen level ad fallen just as I told her. She then promised to get to the bottom of it. If you would like to discuss this with me further, I can be reached at the phone number on file. My name is Curtis Fulwood. I am speaking with attorneys this week with plans of bringing a lawsuit against the hospital and the staff members involved with this issue and it's cover up. I also plan to alert the media as well. I would like to discuss this issue with the chief of staff over the ICU ward. If the Chief Of Staff is not available, I do not wish to speak to anyone else. (a year ago)

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