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Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital, located in Frankfort, Michigan, offers local health care for primary and urgent medical needs and access to the Munson Healthcare system.

Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Benzie County, MI.

Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital is a government - local hospital.

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My dad stayed a while (2yrs and 3 mths ago) on the second floor and the care was absolutely pathetic. Some of the nurses were good, some weren't, and the management was unbelievably bad. We ended up having to have a few meetings with some of the management because of some of the horrendous things they put my dad through. They said all the right things (in a very fake and overly caring way), just to turn around and literally treat him like a farm animal. Out of respect for my dad, I'm not going to share much, but it bothers me bad enough to where I'm reviewing them in the middle of the night, over 2 yrs later. I will share one issue that isn't too personal. He was about 6'3 and over 220lbs. If you're not familiar with the hospital, it sits on top of a hill. They allowed a 70+ year old woman to take him out in a wheel chair, without the permission of immediate family, and recommended her to take him down a hill in the chair. Long story short, the wheelchair, with my dad in it, pulled her down the hill until it hit the curb. He flew out and got banged up, and they were going fast enough to where she flew OVER the wheelchair and also was injured. Mysteriously, the curb was revamped, smoothed out and painted yellow immediately afterwards. Physical therapy was also a joke. They quit on him and they stopped working with him. We had a meeting and requested to see the notes taken by pt each day. The difference between the notes and what we were being told was night and day. The negative attitude displayed by the head therapist contradicted the most of the notes which showed some progress, however minor. Some of the notes even contradicted eachother. Unless you can't make it to Manistee, TC or Cadillac before dying, I wouldn't recommend it. (6 months ago)

Excellent staff. All very friendly and helpful, went out of their way to make sure the patient (me) was comfortable, as well as the rest of the family. (a year ago)

.....from out of town, and had to go the ER everyone was warm, friendly, simply amazing....did not rush or skimp on a procedure......keep up the good work.....Thank you for letting me enjoy the rest of our vacation...☺ (a year ago)

The best little hospital this side of the Atlantic. They may be small in size but they have the biggest heart. Was in the area for three plus months the care was truly caring. (a year ago)

Absolutely wonderful! Staff was incredibly helpful and comforting. Had to call back on Monday to follow up and the first question they asked was "how are you feeling?" - excellent customer care. (3 years ago)

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