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Parkwest is West Knoxville's premier medical facility and a top performing heart hospital.

Parkwest Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Knox County, TN.

Parkwest Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Parkwest Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My father had surgery recently and I would not recommend anyone having anything done here. The nurses did not answer the calls. Did not give pain meds for a knee replacement after repeated requests. Would not take him to the restroom because he had a leaky drain line and said he wasn't moving because it was leaking. Didn't bother to fix the leaky drain and said "they didn't know how to fix it". It was never fixed. They sent an orderly to take him out to his car and they did not know how to operate the wheel chair so his incision came open from the angle the leg was set to. The orderly replied she did not know how to put the leg down. The medication that was prescribed was a more expensive version of a cheaper drug ( my father is on medicaid) when my mother asked the nurses if he could have the script written for the cheaper medicine they told her she could call and fix it with the doctor. I understand that nursing is a difficult job but it is not beyond human compassion and consideration. I would not want anyone else to go through this type of nightmare. (3 months ago)

I do NOT recommend anyone go to Parkwest due to a huge mistake they made on me in the surgery room that could have caused very serious complications. I will not go into details but that was a very stressful time for me. Thanks to my personal Doctor for making sure I recovered from Parkwest's mistake. Also the nurse in the recovery room was taking my blood pressure on my arm that she was told NOT to. I was in a panic over that one too. Just too many mistakes done during my stay there. I will definitely go to another Hospital for sure. (3 months ago)

I had my hysterectomy at Parkwest on April 12th and had to spend the night in the hospital. As far as surgery and my doctor everything was perfect, but the experience I had in my hospital room was far from perfect. My doctor trusted the staff on the 4th floor to take care of me but they did not do so. I was left just laying in the bed all night. I had a catheter in for urine and kept telling them it was hurting but nothing was done. I needed the catheter out so I could get up and walk, it was like they were happy with me not being mobile. When I asked for pain meds, they totally ignored me. The doctor was furious with the staff for not taking care of her patients. It was like I was a nuisance for the nurses. I hopefully will never go back there. I'm an easy patient to take care of and the higher up nurses made you feel like you was below them. I'm just glad I had my bestfriend and my sister there to help me. I feel like if your job is to take care of people then you need a little compassion, if not you don't need to be in that profession. I never expected it to be like that, I'm glad to be home now. (3 months ago)

This hospital should be the last choice of facilities to use in Knoxville. My doctor sent me there for a medical procedure. The parking situation is horrible. Was told by the person who rang with instructions to use the valet parking. The valet line was backed into the street and they were not accepting any more cars at that time. I then drove to the hospital lots. All were full and I finally parked about 1/2 mile from the hospital. Once inside, the waiting area for the day testing was so full there was no where to sit. Finally found a seat in the main lobby under a tree. It has a padded seat but a hard granite counter top edge jutting our so you can’t sit comfortably. If you want to sit like the Thinking Man statue then it would be ideal. Otherwise it’s terrible. This hospital needs to either space out the procedures to not have so many people waiting at one time or increase the seating area. Their facilities have definitely not kept up with the demand. (6 months ago)

This is our first time at the ER at Parkwest Hospital. We looked up reviews on area hospitals and all of them are 2.9 or lower. We prayed about which hospital to go to and we chose Parkwest. Everyone was pleasant, kind, and very interested in my well-being. I was taken to triage shortly after I got there, and then on to a room. Dr. Colwell, Emily, Amanda, Samantha, Eric, and Gunner were all very professional and caring. The next time I am in Knoxville and in need of an ER visit, Parkwest is where I'll go. I decided before entering the hospital, that I was going to do a review. Thank you Parkwest Hospital ER for excellent care. (a year ago)

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