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Parkview Community Hospital has been providing quality healthcare to Riverside residents for over 50 years.

Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Riverside County, CA.

Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Mixed rating. "Most" Labor and delivery nurses i would give 5 stars. Amazing work on their part. Others were rude and careless. Now the part where this hospital deserves 0 stars and a negative rating if even possible is when it came down to naming our daughter. My wife and I wanted to spell our daughters name uniquely like her mother's with an apostrophe and her first name, but was told that they "Weren't Allowed" to do so AFTER they already had printed out her birth certificate . So now my wife and I have to LEGALLY change our own daughters name on her birth certificate and Social Security card because they wouldn't take the time to ask or listen to us on how we wanted to spell our daughter's name. Oh and on top of all that they also messed on our daughters ethnicity. Her mother is half Black and White and I'm Hispanic. But on her birth certificateit ONLY says she Black and White. We have so much f**king legal paperwork to do because of this place. I would simply suggest having your child or getting treated at ANY OTHER HOSPITAL besides here. (a month ago)

Honestly don't know why there are so many bad reviews! Went here for the emergency room 2x for two different patients and both times they were helped quickly. I had a hospital tour here and this hospital is so clean & the staff is very friendly. Great hospital (in the last week)

The nurses in the ER are like party animals. So inconsiderate and unprofessional. They're loud and laughing loud at all times. Talking their personal information loudly. Under staff. And one of the Mexican nurse were watching the world cup game very loud....typical. And all the 5 stars are either fake reviews with their own staff or very very very lucky people. I mean extremely impossible. (3 weeks ago)

This is more than an Emergency Room. We had our first baby here last night and everyone was great! It has been a great blessing to have had so many awesome people share this moments with us. From the tour to the free classes, the staff and care its been a great experience. Im a Leukemia survivor and have had my fair share of hospital visits and have learned that anyone who puts aside their needs to fulfill those of others deserves "5 Stars" and much respect. Parkview did just that for us! (in the last week)

Went to the ER with high fever and elevated heart rate. Wasn't busy at the time, took me less than 5 minutes to be taken back. The nurses there were very kind, and on point with organization. They ended up admitting me to the hospital, the RN's and CNA's were phenomenal. Rhona, Evelyn, and Jose, were so kind and helpful every step of the way. Oh last but not least the food was pretty good, I think the food came faster then the doctors. If it wasn't for the incredible staff that helped me it would have gotten a 1star rating because of the doctors lagging it. (3 weeks ago)

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