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Parkview Community Hospital has been providing quality healthcare to Riverside residents for over 50 years.

Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Riverside County, CA.

Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Honestly, this is the worst hospital I've ever been to. I took my grandmother a few days ago to the emergency and there she found out she had pneumonia. She had to stay in the hospital for treatment and everything was fine until the next day. The nurses were supposed to do a treatment on her but they never did. After a few more hours, my aunt went to go ask a nurse why they weren't doing the treatment yet. Instead of a response or telling us kindly that she'll help us in a moment, she just said "I'm busy right now" and walked away. My grandmother is already stressed enough, yet this hospital seems to put her on edge even more. This place is very unprofessional and has such rude staff. You're better off somewhere else. (3 months ago)

Labor and delivery nurses are amazing! They’re very attentive , and considerate, The nurse who assisted me was Megan ( A Travel Nurse) was always by my side and always came in to check up on me , I loved my experience there, I’d recommend delivering here. (3 weeks ago)

If I could give this zero stars then that is what they would be gettino across the board! The customer service was non existant, my boyfriend has an anxiety disorder that causes him to pick at his face and the scabs he creates, we'll they took one look at him and decided from that second forward that he was just some drugged out junkie that didn't deserve their time or care. We sat in the waiting room for almost 2 hours just waiting to be seen by the triage nurse, an hour after that I had to go get help as my boyfriend was literally passing out and falling on top of me by that point. When we finally get to a room it takes another 45 minutes to be seen by anyone and the only thing they even offer to do is a urine test and that's it, we sat there for another hour waiting for the doctor to come back so we could talk to him about what other things could be causing these problems are were told if he didn't want to give urine that they would just prescribe antibiotics so he could leave and when my boyfriend refused to take the urine test because he was done being treated so horribly, that is exactly what the doctor offered to do and then walked out of the room. We left with nothing more than a day wasted and zero help for my boyfriend. I do not and will not ever recommend this place to anyone, I employees you all you stay away from them all! (a week ago)

My 5 starts are for the labor and delivery nurses. The staff was amazing very nice, loving and understanding. The front desk gets no starts the girl in the evening with black hair is very rude. (a month ago)

This hospital needs to retrain their staff on how to treat patients coming out of recovery. Never check on my auntie or to see if she needed anything until we complained. She had a very serious surgery and the nurse was very rude and disrespectful. Never again! (in the last week)

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