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Park Ridge Health is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Henderson County, NC.

Park Ridge Health does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Park Ridge Health is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Beware BCBS holders! I used Radiology services through Park Ridge and was slapped with an extravagant bill (over $600 worth), on top of the several hundred BCBS paid. Know that you will be charged a separate Radiologist fee. I had the same procedure done 2 weeks later, in house, at a specialist's office, and only had to pay my copay. I want to love Park Ridge's Christian stance. I want to love that they are hometown hospital-but this has left such a bitter taste in my mouth. I find that price charge utterly extravagant. I work as an RN and in my work have the opportunity to share my experience with patients-happily dissuading several already to seek tests elsewhere. I was not warned, so doing my best to warn as many as possible, as I wish I had been. There should be no reason that there should be such a large price difference for equal testing. Beware and shop around. (3 weeks ago)

Actual care is fine. Billing department and front desk people don't have a clue. Both my boyfriend and I went here regularly for completely unrelated things and paid our co-pays and co-insurance at the time of our appointments. Later, we received inexplicable bills for large sums of money and no one in the billing department could explain why. We have different insurance providers, so it's not the provider. It's definitely park ridge. Their system either calculates incorrect co-pays or their relationship with insurance lacks communication. And no one who works there cares enough or knows enough to investigate the problem. Save yourself some trouble and go somewhere else. (a month ago)

I am a 21 year female of average weight and height. I visited Park Ridge one day because I could not move due to severe back pain and spasms. I have over 30 degrees scoliosis that has been progressing over the years. My husband brought me to the ER to 1) relieve the abysmal pain and 2) to find out just what my spinal curvature was affecting. At my age, there is no reason for my back to go out like that, especially when I rarely do any heavy lifting. I sat in the ER, with a spasming back in a stiff, upright chair, for 5 hours. Actually going into the office took me 2 hours, where I only saw Dr. Ann Skinner for all of 5 minutes. When she came in, she was rude and constantly interrupted me. I told her that my spine was over 30 degrees curved from scoliosis and she immediately cut me off saying "every person has at least a little scoliosis". Most people's spines are not an S-shape and are almost completely vertical. This brilliant woman told me that I had only bent/twisted the wrong way too many times (at age 21) and should "only sit when eating, and lay down when sleeping". She left for an hour to give me a cortisol shot. While she was gone, I was in level 8 pain and could hardly move, so I laid down to rest after sitting in a crappy chair for hours. When she comes back after the hour, she barks at me to start walking around, despite my spine resting on my nerves and putting me in level 10 pain. She then gave me the shot, Ibuprofen and a muscle relaxant prescription, sent me on my way, and charged me over $900 for it. This doctor and hospital obviously don't want to take care of their patients, just treat them like scum and shove them out the door as soon as possible. (a month ago)

The ER Always go above and beyond for both of my boys to find out exactly what's wrong with them and to find out what the exact diagnosis is. Very polite, respectful they truly care about there patient's. I recommend them highly over mission,mahec...etc everyone basically they are my #1 (2 weeks ago)

Fast enough for us about 30 minutes waiting in waiting room then about 2 to 3 hours in er (a week ago)

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