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Palos Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cook County, IL.

Palos Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Palos Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Had an emergency appendectomy this Monday (June 2018) and let me tell you, I was impressed of how everything went and how I was treated. Got my own room in the new wing (one bed room), heck they even have a food menu if you can eat everything (I had to be on liquid first then soft food, but still very good). Dr.s and nurses were very kind and attentive, never was in pain or missed anything. Thank you Palos Community Hospital! (3 weeks ago)

I would give a 3.5 if I could. The communication between doctors and family members is almost non existent. My family and I have taken several days off of work to be here to talk to the docs because my dad is deaf. There must be no communication between doctors and nurses. Because the nurses can't tell us what's going on or when the docs are coming in. It's a terrible thing to be left in limbo for a long time not knowing what's going on with your loved one. Please address this issue. There has to be some way to improve communication between doctors and the nurses at the very minimum. It's almost like it's the 1950's. There's technology at everyone's fingertips now. Use it. (2 months ago)

Worse hospital around, cluless doctors,rude staff, they overcharge on everything they can, make you see 10 different so called specialists and of course charge you for it without clue or diagnosis and of course prescribe more tests and see more doctors, total waste of time. Local immediate care nurse have more knowledge than most doctors in this hospital, this hospital is all about making money not making people healthy. If you need professional help do yourself a favor and go to different hospital that have knowledgeable staff and not make you their test bunny. (2 months ago)

My father was in the hospital for some lower back pain, one doctor suggested that his kidney had some lump on it, another doctor suggested that his kidney was no good and needed to be removed. My father was thinking that they hadn’t done many tests to prove this. After a day or so, they had done some other tests and he’s just on antibacteria medicine. And will not be doing surgery. It seems that doctors and nurses do not communicate with each other, because each one comes into the room with a different story to tell. That’s very confusing to the patient and family of the patient. They put him on a NPO diet, meaning he can’t eat or drink anything by mouth, while he didn’t have anything he had to do (from the night before until the next night, no tests or anything) so you could pretty much say they starved him for no reason, and he had to ask them to eat. The day he came out of the hospital he didn’t eat at all, I’m not sure why they didn’t offer anything to him, you know like normal hospitals? With the menu? If I could give this place zero stars I completely would. I hope this place shuts down. My father suggested to see other doctors, but wasn’t much help. The hospital lacks communication skills. And the floor was dirty and sticky. And one of the nurses seemed very confused walking half way into the room walking half way out (a couple of times). This hospital needs some serious re-evaluation. One doctor had also mentioned to my father that he was faking his pain, faking his pain! And said to him to walk it off, and that he doesn’t need any pain medicine. He wasted days and nights at this hospital. Do not go to this hospital. Save yourself the headache even if you have to drive farther to another hospital. Your health and mentality is not worth this mess. So much I hadn’t mentioned. My father even spoke to the general manager, we thought something good would come about this. That possibly maybe telling the staff on what’s going on. Save yourself. (2 weeks ago)

The environment of the hospital is extremely well maintained and was nice to have private rooms for all patients. My daughter had multiple problems and required the use of many specialties. It did not seem at times each specialty related information to each other which in one sense may have compromised her overall care. It did not appear that staff used outside or alternate resources to arrive at a diagnosis for my daughter's complicated condition. The physicians involved, in my opinion, did not spend much time with the patient or family answering questions. Neither were the physicians readily accessible via phone or in person. The nursing staff in both the general medical unit and the ICU were very good and dedicated to the job. I would utilize the services of this hospital again but probably not for more complicated medical conditions. (4 months ago)

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