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Palo Pinto General Hospital is pleased to receive the 2014 Women's Choice Award for America's Best Hospital for Emergency Care. Delia Passi, Women's Choice Award ...

Palo Pinto General Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Palo Pinto County, TX.

Palo Pinto General Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Palo Pinto General Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Great experience at PPGH's Day Surgery! Every single person who we dealt with was professional, helpful, and very personable. Thank you for all your help, Dr. Michael Browne and your team. (5 months ago)

I took my 82 year old granny to the er on Friday due to her falling and a suspected uti. When we got checked in her bp was super high. She is normally on 2liters of oxygen at home as well. They didnt ask her medical hiatory, what shes allergic to, or what meds shes on. Well they get us back to a curtained area to check her out and don't put her on any monitors what so ever. I personally put the o2 monitor on her so I could monitor her levels. They didn't put the bp cuff on or anything. I specifically ask the Dr who is dr Boris for 02 for her because she is on it at home. He was very rude to me because at the moment he looked at the monitor it said 94 and said oh she's good. Well it kept dropping into the 80iIs. After 2 hours of waiting for oxygen I asked a random nurse who was more than happy to get some o2 for her and hook up the bp cuff for me. The room area we were in was absolutely nasty. The table they use for blood draws had someone else's blood still on it. There was someone's sticky probe thing with chest hair stuck to the bed. Well anyways after waitung 3+ hours for a urine result it comes back negative but the doctor still sends her home with antibiotics and the original prescription was for one she's allergic too. Also the doctor said they were going to do a culture which they didnt do. It was a total waste of time all we did was contaminate ourselves to flu germs. (5 months ago)

I went in with what the ER dr said was “probably an ingrown hair” on my eyebrow. It was swollen and had formed a pocket full of pus. It was severely painful. The doctor simply lanced it, without doing a culture of the fluid build up. He placed a tiny bit of gauze in the hole and told me to remove it the next day. Additionally he sent me home with antibiotics. After a day or so, I was only getting worse, both eyes as well as my entire face had swollen tremendously. I went back to the ER, saw the same doctor, nothing was done. I waited another day and then called my doctor. As soon as he walked in the room he could tell I was allergic to the antibiotics I had been given. They were appalled at the lack of diligence shown by the ER doctor. No culture was performed and he left me with a hole in my forehead with no instructions on how to care for it. My doctor performed a culture, it came back as MRSA, which can be fatal. In short, the negligence of PPGH nearly killed me. (7 months ago)

Friendly staff. TERRIBLE AWFUL service!!! I went in for x-rays on my foot. Waited 3 hours (which is a pretty short wait i guess). Then when they called me back the Dr. was a blur. He looked at me for 5 min then sent me for x-rays. After x-rays (which i had to pay for cash in advance) they told me to go home and I would receive a letter within a week about the results.......What if a bone is broken?! They said they would "call if it's an emergency"........What is the point of having rapid digital technology these days if you can't tell me ANYTHING about these x-rays in the same day? So I spent $200+ and 4 hrs of my time, and I'm still not any better off than I was when I went in. They can't tell me anything except that my results are in the mail.....Thanks....REAL helpful..... When we have gone in the past it was much the same thing: Long waiting period for 5 minutes of Dr.'s time and the diagnosis ended up being incorrect. Over priced service. I've had to sit in an ER waiting room for 11 hours one time at Baylor. But at least they actually looked at me and I got treated before I left. I DO NOT RECOMMEND GOING HERE UNLESS YOU'RE DYING. And if that's the case, I wish you the best of luck. (4 years ago)

Horrible ! (4 months ago)

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