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The largest health care resource in the Midlands, Palmetto Health is working to fulfill our Vision: to be remembered by each patient as providing the care and ...

Palmetto Health Baptist is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Richland County, SC.

Palmetto Health Baptist does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Palmetto Health Baptist is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Our OBGYN had us go to this hospital to give birth to our son and we couldn't have asked for better care. The maternity ward was clean and the staff was extremely helpful. We ran into a slight complication during labor, but the staff jumped right on it and solved it before we even had a clue about what was going on. They were effective in letting us know what was going on during the labor and helped us understand what we needed to do for our baby and most importantly WHY we should do it. Overall, we would say that they took great care for us and our newborn. (a week ago)

The lead nurse and the doctor who saw us in the ER we're very kind and clear spoken so we were informed the entire time. The entire time until they disappeared and the assisting staff blew off our calls to the nursing station for 2 hours and couldn't locate the only helpful people in an ER. There's nothing more frustrating than being in an ER and being told to sit and wait while someone you care about is in excruciating pain. Used the bed pan for diarrhea and it was left in our room for over 5 hours making the place smell horrible and the experience atrocious. Horrible service for a nearly empty ER with 10 nurses chit-chatting just outside your room. If you care for your loved ones drive the extra distance and avoid this hospital. (4 months ago)

Worse service ever!! I was told by my ob to go Baptist because she think I was having a miscarriage. I started bleeding heavily on my way there.. So when I arrived I had blood all over my pants. The lady signed me in and told me to wait in the lobby. I was in the lobby an hour so my baby father went to ask what was the hold up. The lady told him that they had more important injuries to deal with and they would get to me as soon as they can. I sat in the lobby 3 more hours.. They finally called me back. I waited in the room for an hour before anyone came to see me. After being there a total of 7 hours they finally came in and stated that my blood work and ultrasound showed that I had a miscarriage. I could be wrong but maybe if they had of gotten to me sooner there could have still been a chance that I could have still been pregnant. Then the doctor looked at me and said from the looks of it the pregnancy wouldn't have been a successful one anyway things happen just move on. (a month ago)

I took my friend who was severely ill to this hospital. Not only were the staff unhelpful, but left us (my sick friend and 5 of her friends and family) in the hallway for almost 2 hours before they finally swobbed her to test for the flu. They wouldn't would give her water, a bed, or anything to eat or drink while she was almost unconscious IN the hospital! I would not recommend making this your first stop in an emergency! (3 months ago)

I only gave it a star to allow me to post a review. This hospital should be a -1 star if not worse. The emergency room is atrocious. The staff are rude and have no concern for the well being of patients. I sat for almost 5 hours in severe pain only to be skipped while in the restroom relieving myself. They claimed to have called me but my husband who was still in the waiting room did not hear this. They informed me they had no available beds and I could anticipate another 4 hour wait as I would be treated as a newly registering patient. I left the hospital without being seen today. (7 months ago)

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