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Pacific Alliance Medical Center offers quality healthcare services focused on providing exceptional patient care and special community programs ... Los Angeles, CA 90012

Pacific Alliance Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Los Angeles County, CA.

Pacific Alliance Medical Center does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Pacific Alliance Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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I gave it one star because the doctor visits were pleasant throughout my pregnancy but once I had to deliver it was a nightmare. I arrived at 11am and got connected to everything pretty fast. Within an hour my baby’s heartbeat monitor started to beep a nurse came to check it and put it in place and it stopped so the left. It continued to beep and this time they took a while to come and again they changed the monitor to my left side and walked out. Here we go again I’m in pain my baby’s monitor is still beeping now 2 nurses come in and one asks why is it beeping and the other one responds with an idk and decides to turn off the monitor sound. I just remember I was in so much pain but my husband said I looked in distressed and he was worried about the baby like why would they turn off the volume. It’s now 7pm. He went to get the doctor and I heard him explain what the nurses had done. He checked and broke my water. Black goo came gushing out. My baby had pooped and had been in distressed all this time. They had put my baby at risk. The doctor seemed concerned and said something in his foreign language to the nurse. Then I was hit with the news that I had to get a cesarean. I didn’t think twice. I was praying my baby was ok since he was in there with his poop and that can lead to brain damage. I gave birth via c-section at 7:46pm my baby was healthy. I was taking to a room that I had to share when I was told I would have my own room. There was no room or couch for my husband to stay and whenever he payed next to me the nurses will grab his attention. This is one of the worst experiences of my life and I will never go back. There negligence cut the possibilities of me having more than 3 kids. It gave me a scar that I learned to love and til this day it still hurts. All this could have been avoided if the checked my baby as soon as that machine started to ring. (4 weeks ago)

My wife had all our 4 kids in this hospital. Its a great hospital the service is great & they really care about you. All the doctors are pros there are no new or trainees in this hospital at all I really like that. I'm not too sure on what insurance they take but we have medical & it worked fine so I'm sure that they'll take most health insurance. I would definitely recommend this hospital for all couples who are going to have a baby. (a year ago)

I don't even know why this hospital is still operational. The lack of communication with the patients, the Dr doesn't follow up with you . Some of the nurses are nice but that's a small amount compared to the rest . I would document everything that occurs for your own record if my any chance you get sent here . I hope a change is done quickly as you can see the reviews are bad . And those that are good might be from the workers families . Even the security team is incompetent and rude . (10 months ago)

My Late Grandma had been hospitalized in this place many many times. Rooms are small and you may think they are not well equipped just because it looks old! They always took good care of my grandma and I could see the doctors and nurses were caring about her! This is what I like about them. And over the years I could see they were trying to higher their standards. (a year ago)

They attended me real good when my child was born. Excellent team of nurses, good service and excellent atention. (8 months ago)

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