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Begin healing today! Contact your neighborhood healthcare center, Ozarks Medical Center. We are located in West Plains, Missouri and we treat patients in and around ...

Ozarks Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Howell County, MO.

Ozarks Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Ozarks Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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The mental department sike ward allows wives to commit there husbands when she wants freedom. There was no reason to admit the man. Alex Herbert is the wife locked him up web ever she wanted to that the truth I'm the man here saying it yep true Alexandreah Herbert mean (a month ago)

Never in my life seen the most un professional business ran (5 months ago)

Every experience I have had with this place was unbelievable. I have had to wait for the longest times myself and have been there with others who were actually in worse condition than me too. One thing that may help honestly, is people that do not have anything serious wrong with them to stop using the ER entrance as the front door! I am sure that is why that department gives people terrible experiences. Having to wait for hours at a time to even be checked on. My little brother had appendicitis and was in a lot of pain, and they just let him sit in the waiting area for over 2 hours straight suffering!! Our family doctor in Mammoth Spring even called ahead before he came telling them he will need to be admitted right away. Then I had a friend I raced up there who started having seizures, same damn thing with him. My mother is a regular here also for alcoholism, and just recently actually we discovered this facility may possibly be corrupt with medicaid fraud. She went to a judge trying to get disability after being clean for 6 months, and this place said they had record of her being there just 6 DAYS ago and our whole family knew she was definitely not. Please people be aware of their actions here (a year ago)

This is a terrible hospital. They don't care about the patients that are coming into the facility in the neuro psych unit that have a real mental illness. If you or a family have a mental illness or issues please go to any other hospital. This place will not properly assist you. They ruined my fathers life!!!! (10 months ago)

I was injured from a fall was unable to be seen in Mtn View mo and came to Ozarks Medical Center ER. Staff was professional, caring, and supportive. Xray was especially caring, Dr Pogue in ER was wonderful, I had a little wait but when I left met someone I had seen waiting in mtn view. He had still not been seen after 4 hours so came to west plains. I was on my way home. Positive experience. (10 months ago)

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