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Owensboro Health Regional Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Daviess County, KY.

Owensboro Health Regional Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Owensboro Health Regional Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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This hospital ER was the worst. The ER doctor was rude to my wife and myself. My wife has been having severe migraines and has been passing out. They did some tests but said everything was normal?!? Do they even look at those tests? Also it would have been nice if they could have admitted her so that she could possibly see a neurologist or neurosurgeon. Passing out and hitting her head on the bathtub yesterday was extremely scary. We deserve answers and we deserve to be treated as human beings not like gum stuck to the bottom of the doctors shoe!! Nice big hospital but same rude doctors who have a God complex!! (a month ago)

The security guards on night shift are awful and very rude!! They are taking their precious time and my sister needs stitches. I won’t be bringing her back here ever again! I wouldn’t recommended this hospital to a fly! They deserve no stars! The security guard that is suppose to be “watching” over my sister is currently asleep. I have a photo just not sure how to upload it onto this comment. (4 months ago)

Can't give you no stars. Was treated rudely by security guard this morning. When did it become not unacceptable to sleep at a hospital? Guess it's better I fall asleep at the wheel and kill someone? Unbelievable! What was it hurting for me to park there and get a couple of hours sleep? There are a million parking spaces, I wasn't hurting anyone . . . (4 months ago)

When Owensboro Regional Hospital decides to fire their employees they give no real and logical reasons for firing them. You can have Scarlet Fever and if they feel that you've violated their attendance policy not even the diagnosis from your Doctor from the same system is enough to keep you from being fired. So don't get sick. Also if patients file false complaints against you to them you might as well be guilty, because they don't have to have proof. They will fire you for another reason entirely to keep from having to try to prove if you actually did wrong or not. If they treat their patients like they treat their employees then I would not recommend trusting them. Normally I would expect this kind of treatment from Wal-Mart but not a "legitimate" hospital. It's just plain pathetic. New Post: Looks like the rehabilitation section of the hospital is at it again. Heard from someone that works there that management is attempting to fire people under false pretenses again. It's very sad to see a place that's supposed to be a reputable place for patients and employees is really wanting to make a bad name for itself. Maybe they'll push around the wrong person eventually get put in their place finally. Just makes me very angry to see this happen to good people. (4 months ago)

This really should be a negative star! I am from NJ and really feel sorry that this is the only hospital that Owensboro has. My mother died in this hospital, I called the morning that passed away and spoke to Gladys in ICU and asked her how my mother did during the night and she said that her heart rate was up but they got it controlled and she helped her to the bathroom. No mention that her cardiologist was there st 2:00 in morning with this. She said she was stable. The 7:00 shift came in and nurse Seth said that family should be called because my mother was actively dying. Thank god for him. The family in Owensboro was able to be around her but brother and I did not make it time. Seth, run away from that hospital! It seems you are to good for this place. I am angry that I could not say a final good bye to my mother and by the lack of knowledge that this nurse had. She could have called one of her kids during the night, 2 emergency phone numbers were on her board and everyone was told to call day or night. I called patient relations on March 30th and said they would investigate and still have not heard a thing. Please run from this hospital! (3 months ago)

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