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SUMMIT, NJ 07902

Overlook Medical Center, based in Summit, NJ, is a recognized hospital leader in neuroscience care and home to some of New Jersey's top doctors and most advanced ...

Overlook Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Union County, NJ.

Overlook Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Overlook Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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I had my baby boy in this hospital and had a great experience, I mean as great as natural birth can be... all nurses were a delight and treated us with great respect and lots of kindness. At least the maternity unit is as good as it can be, I even got a nice massage before I got discharge, the food is pretty good and we could have visitors at any time and as many as we wanted! I really did not want to go home. (a month ago)

Update 6/16/ 18: it’s 5 days since hospital visit and still having same symptoms. He didn’t receive a call from The doctor or anyone from the hospital to give him the results of all the blood tests. I’m sure we’ll get the bill before the results. Monday 6/11/18 My husband was sent here by Summit Medical Group today for Meningitis test over 2 hours ago and he’s still waiting to see a doctor. He spent 5 hours at the hospital and didn’t get the test. Doctor recommended against it. 2/2016 I had my baby here and it was a terrible experience. I had a schedule C-section and was given a room with my baby in the room with unregulated heating 100degrees and no place for my husband to stay. I was alone with a crying baby for 3 days. They offered another room on my last day lol. (4 weeks ago)

Overlook Medical Center appears to have a comprehensive cancer treatment center that offers care, support and resources for their patients. For thyroid cancer there seems to be no support for patients. In the bowels of the hospital you see a wonderful physician, but nothing to direct patients to obtain services available from the cancer center. You are left on your own to seek out information without a brochure in sight. Any diagnosis of cancer is frightening for patients and there should absolutely be an internal link from the thyroid cancer department to the main cancer center. (a month ago)

This is the most disorganized hospital I have had to deal with. The wait time is horrific. I had to go 4 days in 1 week for prep on cancer scan. I had to register every morning. I was sent everyday to the wrong dept. I had to pay for the parking garage everyday. I scheduled this a month ahead and they still didn't have my insurance precertified. It has been a nightmare. No one apologies for the delay, errors or my waiting time. I am only able to work part time by the hour since my cancer diagnosis a year ago. I am losing wages sitting here and I am sure the bill even after insurance will be ridiculous. (a month ago)

They are awful...the saga continues for us and my 90 year old Dad...a nurse told me today when I asked her a question...she does not know, does not know the floor, was simply pulled in...staffing...cannot think of a more ignorant response, this is not even the whole of it...I would not make this hospital my choice in the future...would like to give a zero, but cannot...I will keep you all posted on the on going you may make an informed decision for your loved ones. My family and myself have to be there just about 24/7, when we do leave there is always something that goes on...enter room in the morning...Dad says he is freezing...bed soaking wet...we bring all his food, they have no idea what he eats or when he eats...cafeteria tray not touched, would think they would inquire as to whether he ate anything that such thing...awful!! (a month ago)

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