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Photo: Overland Park Regional Medical Center

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Overland Park Regional Medical Center is an adult & children's hospital and ER in Overland Park, Ks. offering advanced medical care in Johnson County with Olathe and ...

Overland Park Reg Med Ctr is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Johnson County, KS.

Overland Park Reg Med Ctr does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Overland Park Reg Med Ctr is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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I will never be a patient in this hospital again. Dr. White, ER physician made me feel like I was a person looking to start a law suit. April 2, 2018, my husband needed blood draw done after his surgery the week before. It was a day of light snow. We were walking into the hospital. I slipped on an area of ice at the main entrance. I will say the hospital saw this happen and they acted quickly. Nurses came to my aid and brought out a wheel chair. They took me into the ER. I was treated quickly by a kind nursing staff. Then Dr. White came in. After asking about where I was injured and how it happened, he asked "What are you doing at the hospital this morning? I thought that to be a strange question. After cat scan he said nothing was broken, I should take Tylenol. I asked about the huge knot on the left side of leg and bump on my right knee. Again take Tylenol and go home. He acted very uncaring. Almost accusing. I felt like a criminal. I have never sued anyone in my 70 yrs on this earth, nor has my husband. I called the director of ER, left a message, asking for a return call so I could explain my feelings. No one called. This was a very humiliating experience. I will not recommend this hospital to anyone. By the way Medicare & Humana paid this hospital bill. (a month ago)

Went in for diabetes classroom education only. Arrived 15 minutes early as requested with all paperwork completed. Threw at me a 5 page fine print legal document with no time to read. Staff indicated they were told not to make this document available ahead of time. Now read this carefully, here is what the document required me to approve for a sit down class: I agreed to sedation, removal of any organ, any despoliation of that organ of their choosing and all at my expense. That means that they could, by my permission, during the class, sedate me, remove my liver, cut it in one inch squares, and pass out the pieces at the Oak Park Mall. And I would have to pay for it all. I crossed out this paragraph, initialed it, signed the form, and turned it in. At the end of class they had instruction from Hospital management to ask me to not return. By the way, the one class (of three, I believe) was very good and well done. (a month ago)

I am horribly upset!!! My 24-year-old daughter was in a hit and run today while 28 weeks pregnant (the police were able to locate the driver). She went to OP Regional and is still there now. She was sent to the ER who was not attending to her. Her sister, a labor & delivery nurse plus 3 years ICU experience was with her. SHE was the one taking her vitals showing her blood pressure was dropping and she was turning white (pictures of her dropping vitals). They asked the ER to take her vitals and the nurse named "Nick" laughed at them and walked away!! The ER department refuses to give them Nick's last name. Who does that??? Then, knowing the patient was escalating the issue to her doctor to get some medical assistance with her phone they were then told they were not allowed to use their phones or had to go out to the waiting area to use the phone. WOW. Thank goodness they had a phone to get medical attention!! Imagine a hospital. My daughter is scared for her baby and I thank God that she was able to have a nurse who cares be by her side to comfort her. Too bad it is not a nurse who is getting paid by the hospital or her insurance company. My daughter was just told that the charge nurse filed a grievance, however, no one has come in to speak to either of my daughter's to ask if there is a problem. How do you write up a grievance without knowing what the grievance is? Maybe the truth is there is no grievance filed. #thisisnotgoingaway (2 weeks ago)

I was at Overland Park regional for outpatient Physical Therapy. I was very pleased with my therapist the training that I received to get my knee back in shape. I recommend if you need physical therapy to get it here. (in the last week)

I had not been in the hospital in 13 years ,since my youngest was born, and I hated it just as much. Most of the staff made my stay much better and more comfortable, but communication was bad between staff and one particular nurse on my second day there. At one point, I hit the buzzer (which I did not do frequently) & they told me 3 times they would let my nurse know I needed medicine (two different kinds at two different times, not just pain meds), and I had to buzz over and over again before the message was finally relayed to her an hour later. She finally gave me her direct cell phone number so I could call her personally! I got the distinct feeling there was some sort of game playing going on and that the desk staff had something against her. Not long after the incident, my nurse was "pulled to a different unit because they needed her more." That kind of behavior is unacceptable in patient care. I felt more like staff were not passing on my messages, and not that she wasn't being responsive, but got the impression that staff had told supervisors she wasn't just to get her in trouble. Like I said, no time for games when patient care is involved. (a month ago)

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