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Community hospital offering in-patient acute care, outpatient surgery, and other medical services. Includes links to other Saint Joseph Health Services institutions.

Our Lady Of Fatima Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Providence County, RI.

Our Lady Of Fatima Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Our Lady Of Fatima Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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My 90 year old father was admitted with a urinary tract infection in Dec. 2016. I visited him on Friday and he was fine. On Sunday I called his room and he was not there. I was told that he had been moved after having a SEIZURE on Friday, likely due to a reaction to change in medication. I am his Power of Attorney and sole family contact, but was never notified of this critical incident until I called there 2 days later! They also misplaced his dentures which were never found. Whatever the reason for his seizure, my father has never been the same (mentally) since. It seems to have affected him like a stroke. I was very disappointed in the way the nursing staff handled my father during this stay at Fatima. UPDATE: Fatima admitted that they had lost his dentures and paid for a replacement. My father passed away in Nov. 2017, never having been the same after this visit to Fatima Hospital. (3 months ago)

My mom was there for rehabilitation for a broken hip. If it hadn't been for my brothers and myself, my mom would have been totally neglected. When you bring something up to them about the care, they would make excuses and state that they were doing everything they had to do to help. My mother was there for almost a week and they never removed her bandages from the operation. They told my brother that they did not need to be changed until 7 to 10 days after her operation. Yet, before she was taken out of there and brought to another rehabilitation facility, they changed it. If my brother had not said anything that would have never happened. I spoke to the new rehab facility and was told that they should have been changed no more than 5 days after the operation. She has a manual breathing machine so that she does not get pneumonia and not once while she was there did they ever ask her if she was using the machine. At one point the original breathing machine broke and I had asked them to please bring her a new one. They told me that they would get one for her. I had to leave and one of my brothers went to visit her later on that evening. I asked my brother if she ever got the machine and he said no that it was not in her room. He had to go ask them again to give her another machine. They finally brought one to her. But, again, only because we had to tell them to bring her one. Took them more than 5 hours to get it to her. She is having some issues with the beginning stages of dementia and would ask her of she wanted pain meds. She would say no because in her mind she would get constipated. So they would not give them to her and when it came time for her a to have physical therapy she couldn't do it because she was in too much pain. I asked them to stop asking her if she wanted the pain pill and to just give it so she could do the therapy. They said no that she had to say she wanted it even though it was obvious she was in pain and would never be able to handle therapy. Her leg was extremely swollen and they did not elevated it until I asked them to elevate it! Yet it was never elevated to the proper height level to help with the swelling! I COULD GO ON AND ON!! The last thing I will say is do yourself a favor and go somewhere else!!!! (2 months ago)

Awful awful service. Never been to such n awful hospital before. Took my boyfriend in for a head trama. He was passed out in and out of consciousness and was bleeding heavily and the doctors didn't take it seriously after me saying that he really needed help. He is still bleeding and after 4 hours of us sitting there waiting for someone we decided to get up and leave. Never ever again. If your life is in danger dont ever go to this place. Because you will die waiting (7 months ago)

Psychiatric ward is the worse. Uncompassionate, lazy no good. Never seen this in my life. They treated my family member as if he was nothing. Nurses stayed in their little protective cubby the whole time. Dr's were a joke. They didn't want to be there. But they met wrong person who noted everything and wrote letters. Maybe things have changed but I don't it. Just never thought I'd see a catholic hospital so uncaring and disgusting. Reminds me of the govt. Rather see us die then be human. (7 months ago)

I have been in this hospital a about 2-3 times as a patient years ago and only had one ignorant nurse. Other than that I have no complaints until of the last ater years. That would be the past 1 1/2. I am telling you the kids today that work the second shift in the ER are the most heartless inconsiderate uncaring idiots I ever met! The monkeys at Roger Williams park would show you more consideration and compassion than any one of them would! Do yourself a favor and make a detour to another hospital if you need emergency care during this time of day! 😡 (10 months ago)

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