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The Orlando Health network includes physician practices for virtually every medical need you may have. Learn about our services, and find the right doctor for your needs.

Orlando Health is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Orange County, FL.

Orlando Health does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Orlando Health is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Wow! I went to the ER and was immediately admitted to the hospital for 4 nights... the service and care I received was outstanding! They nursed me back to Health and treated me so nice. I love this hospital and the nurses and doctors in the gastrointestinal unit so much. Thanks again guys! (2 months ago)

Three months ago I was brought into the ER and admitted shortly after. During the 24 hour stay they performed half a dozen tests and released me the next day stating they could find nothing wrong. After failing a company physical I went to the hospital to get my records. It was then that I find out that I had an abnormal EKG, Echo cardiogram and blood results. When I called them for an explanation they told me I should have followed up with a doctor after I was discharged. Why would I follow up with anyone if they told me they found nothing wrong? That was nothing more than a lame attempt to cover up their incompetence and irresponsible actions. I will never ever return to this hospital or recommend anyone else go there for any reason what so ever! (3 months ago)

This hospital ruined my life... I worked at Universal Studios Orlando and in the Entertainment division (not easy to get into), but back in September last year, I had flu like symptoms that progressed into stroke-like symptoms. I waited for an hour and a half in the ER waiting for a room. No movement from my right side, vomited several times, chest pain, disorientation... They get me into the ER room and demand to know why I wasn’t put on strike alert, THEN put me on strike alert and THEN tell me that it’s too late for the medicine if it was a stroke... I was admitted, spent THREE DAYS in the hospital, meanwhile having several tests done such as MRI, CT, ULTRASOUND, and blood work... all came back clear... well, at that point, the doctor comes in around day two and says that with those coming back clear the Cardiologist and Neurologist want to clear me to go home but they’re still waiting on psychiatrist... Doctor also tells me they can’t find anything wrong and says “At this point we find patients are either faking it or it is supernatural. Does anyone have a grudge against you?”... EXCUSE ME?! You say it isn’t possibly a TIA because no damage was found yet my right side still isn’t responding?! And I’m FAKING OR ITS SUPERNATURAL?! A day later they release me with at home PT, still no movement in my right side... psychiatrist prescribed Zoloft and Ativan for anxiety and depression... apparently I was diagnosed with “probable conversion disorder”... It is now March 2018... I’m wheelchair bound, have seizures, and just lost my job at Universal because I haven’t been able to work since hen and now my PCP is looking into Mitochondrial Disease, MS, and a few other possibilities and we’ve even had to ask him to find us another Neurologist because the one we have here in Winter Haven just wants to throw more meds at me! I’m in talks with Morgan and Morgan right now about disability and you can bet I’ll be asking them as well as other lawyers about a malpractice lawsuit against this hospital along with misdiagnosis and failure to properly treat a patient because now my life is ABSOLUTELY RUINED thanks to this hospital’s incompetent staff... Oh, the icing on the cake? Now NO ER OR EMT believes us when we say I’m having an emergency! (a month ago)

The best hospital in central Florida. What ever you do, say to the ambulance to go there. That is your right. I live in hunters creek, and it's a distance but even on my death bed don't send me to Kissimmee ER, please. They treated my family with integeraty, respect, and the doctors practice is across the street. The best doctors I have ever met. A lot of experience and very honest. You want experience not a teaching hospital. You want the best care and experience pick Dr. Phillips hospital and ER. (a month ago)

Very impressed, can't say enough good things about this place. I had a short stay , but doctor's and nurse's were excellent. Willing to do whatever testing they needed to find the cause of my problem. (a month ago)

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