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Onslow Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Onslow County, NC.

Onslow Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Onslow Memorial Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Got here to the ER and there were 2 other people in the waiting room. Literally 2. Sat here for 45 minutes waiting to get registered and receive my arm band while listening to the front desk staff have personal conversations and how they couldn’t find several patients. That’s comforting. Then I finally got called up to the desk to be checked in and the nurse, I think her name is Nicole, interrupted our conversation about my health to ask a man walking by if he had anymore halibut and that she’s saving what she has currently for when her parents come. If I wasn’t in so much pain I would have walked out right there for the sheer unprofessionalism being displayed. There’s got to be a better way to run this facility. I don’t care if you don’t care about me or anyone else walking in these doors, but at least be professional. I wouldn’t be able to treat guests at my job like this and continue to work there. Why is it acceptable for the staff here to? This is a common type of experience that has happened every time I’ve ever had to come here. (in the last week)

My husband had a kidney biopsy yesterday. We started in the surgical pavilion, moved to radiology for the procedure, back to the surgical pavilion, and then to the ER after he experienced some complications. The staff was outstanding and exceeded my expectations of care and kindness, particularly at the surgical pavilion. I haven't been into a medical facility and encountered so many genuinely caring people for a long time. His nurse in the surgical center even came over the the ER a few hours after he was moved just to check on my husband and give me some encouragement on a rough day. They were all knowledgeable, very efficient, and caring. Medical circumstances are never fun but it makes a big difference to be in the hands of caring professionals. Thank you Onslow Memorial. (a month ago)

What a dump! Worst place I have ever been to. Read the reviews people because the 1 star reviews are every bit true. These people are one of the most unorganized uncollected people you will ever meet. If you can avoid this place do so. My children have been to this place several times with serious injuries and they make them wait for hours with the excuse of and I quote... "well we take people on priority and if your child isn't a priority then yes...they will wait for as long as they need to" Are you kidding me? The employees are unsympathetic and down right mean. They are discourteous and have an attitude. Today is June 7, 2018 and I spoke with the ER secretary about my wife and son sitting in the waiting area for hours. My sons foot has swollen nearly the size of a softball and he's only 3 years old. I'm told my son is not a priority and they can wait! So obviously now I'm angry and because I raised my voice she says I'm being threatening. What a pathetic oversensitive jerk! Seriously. What is wrong with these people? I had to argue with them to get an x-ray of which they refused to do. They said the x-rays are too expensive so they only do them if it's an emergency! I should sue these people because my son had a broken foot. Took him to an Urgent Care Clinic where they immediately gave him an x-ray. Found not only did he have a broken foot but he also got bitten by a spider. So yeah. Thanks for nothing Onslow Memorial Dump. You'll be better off going to a private clinic or even the vet before you go to Onslow Hospital. Now I will say horrid as the employee's are and how awful the service they provide is, the place even even worse when it comes to cleanliness. There are water bugs on the floor, spider webs on the walls, dirt in the corners of the rooms and the machines look filthy. I can't believe this place is allowed to stay open. Even when you do get seen the doctors are half my age and don't look like they are much older then fresh out of highschool. The times I've been there they have never diagnosed me. They just say "well we don't know but we think it might be "this" but don't know". Really? You're the dag gone doctors. That's your job to know and you guess and can't tell a simple cold or virus? Good lord. I might as well diagnose myself. Lastly you have to fight with them to get any blood work or any kind of lab work done. Where I came from even X-rays were mandatory. I have had to literally fight and get into an argument with these idiots to get an X-ray of my one daughters foot when it was broke and that was before my sons broken foot. We took her elsewheres where we found she had a fracture. Can you say malpractice? Well if I could leave less then a one star I would. Even a one star is too much for this run down slum hospital. Shame on the owners. (a week ago)

Went to the XRay department and had a great experience. I was taken care of promptly, the staff was courteous, professional and caring. My procedure could have been a painful experience, but everyone taking care of me made it look easy when I know it could be complex. This department definetely earned my praises and I will choose them anytime if given the opportunity to choose if the need arises. (a month ago)

If I could give this place zero stars that’s what it would receive. They spend money on stupid commercials saying why they’re so great when they should invest the money to make the Emergency Department run more efficiently. Spending more than 4 hours waiting to be seen is a bit ridiculous if you ask me. (a month ago)

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