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Olympic Medical Center is a comprehensive health care provider serving the residents of Port Angeles, Sequim and surrounding communities. Inpatient services include a ...

Olympic Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Clallam County, WA.

Olympic Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Olympic Medical Center is a government - local hospital.

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Husband was t-boned and was in a terrible accident. His head hit the side window and was taken via ambulance to the ER. The doctor didn't check him at all and actually told him that he wasn't in pain. He can't walk, has tingling down his legs, horrible headache, and wants to throw up but told him nothing was wrong yet didn't even check his back. It was absolutely atrocious and I'm appalled. Horrible, horrible, service. Was treated like we were less than them and didn't matter. (2 weeks ago)

BEWARE Another patient DIES at OMC due to Malpractice. DENNIS last Monday 05-13-18 fell and was in pain so he went to OMC. The Doctors said Nothing was wrong and he was “ NOT IN PAIN” even though he repeatedly held his side and said he was in pain. He refused to leave so they charged his insurance for a nights stay. During the night the incompetence staff/personnel turned him on his side which caused the broken rib(s) to puncture the lung which lead to suffocation since he was breathing in blood not air. He suffered and was in pain due to ignorant, incompetence, nurses and doctors at Olympic Medical Center!! No one did X-ray in the back or side to see the broken rib nor did they care he was in pain let alone diagnose the problem. This is yet another of 100s deaths caused due to malpractice at OMC!! There needs to be a class action lawsuit against them so they replace all incompetence doctors and nurses or they shut the doors!! People we have to come together and fight for justice in our community especially in the hospital where we go when we are the most vulnerable. OMC is being rewarded for malpractices again as they are not getting sued enough for all the malpractice and hence bigger break rooms and longer lunches for these very same people responsible for the killing of many people. (in the last week)

Maybe if you’re gushing blood the ER will see you within 4 hours. If not expect to spend the entire day waiting for these clowns. Horrible. (a week ago)

RUN. Do not go here for anything unless you absolutely have too. The average waiting time is around 3hrs If u at sick/flu it can take as much as 6hrs and standard of care is SHOCKINGLY LOW compared to other similar hospitals. They never once made near my wife feel like they actually cared about our feelings they ended up missing my wife’s dosages causing my wife to have to retake the dosages three times stain in the hospital three extra days. As well as multitude of other things that I feel even ashamed of writing trust the not even 2 stars DO NOT GO HERE. NOT EVEN FOR A BORKEN BONE. For Townsend is about an hour away and you’ll get at least double the standard of care or even better just go to major hospital whenever I need anything I just go straight Seattle and because the average wait time at OMC is rediculiously high usually get to the hospitality Seattle before I/family even get seen at OMC. I honestly hope this changes I have lived here 15yrs and have been ill most of it and it’s like night and day compared to my hospital in Seattle it’s unacceptable OMC can And needs to step it up. (3 months ago)

Worst service I have had with a doctors office, ever. First, they got my daughters name and birthday wrong. Called me multiple times with no voicmails, I call back to not even be in their system?? Second, I was told by two different receptionist that my insurance was covered. I drove 30+ mins for a well child check for my 10 month old, just to be told, my insurance is not covered by their services. Completely disorganized. (5 months ago)

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