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SHELBY, OH 44875

OhioHealth Shelby Hospital is committed to making sure you receive outstanding treatment in every aspect of your hospital visit. Learn more.

Ohiohealth Shelby Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Richland County, OH.

Ohiohealth Shelby Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Ohiohealth Shelby Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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The nurses were amazing! But the Dr wanted to send my husband home after an accident he had we wiated 2 1/2 hours for the Dr to decide. We decided to drive to Columbus to Grant Hospital! Let's just say I'm thankful that I did take him. Plastic / Hand surgeon at Grant did amazing!! Let the pictures decide for ya. (a week ago)

My great grandmother was in and out of this hospital several times in her last few months. I just wanted to show gratitude to the nursing staff and doctors that we came into contact with when she was in there. She was going through some phases of not knowing where she was, and being quite the little runaway and they always handled her with nothing but kindness and gentle reassurance. I appreciate everything they did to make her as comfortable and at ease as they could. And understanding to how sensitive I was in regards to her care, by letting me always be with her whenever they were running a test or asking her questions. Thank you Shelby Hospital! (4 months ago)

Stay away from OHIO HEALTH SYSTEM ANYWHERE! Arrived at Shelby hospital at 645 for outpatient surgery & was told my time had been moved to 1pm. Really, & what crystal balll was I suppose to check. If competency can't be demonstrated in the little things were is the trust for the big things? (2 months ago)

The emergency room staff misread my husband's test results. Only after being transferred to Mansfield did that E.R learn of Shelby's mistake. He would have died if he hadn't have been transferred. Never again will we go to Shelby. Just because it's smaller or closer doesn't mean it's better. (3 weeks ago)

I had my son here in 2013, the day that should have been the best day of my life was absolutely awful. From the moment I got checked into the hospital. The nurses was talking bad about not only myself but my mother. We heard every word they said. Then when I was down in Labor and delivery, waiting to dilate, my doctor came in one time to check me and I was at 5cm, he told me if I didn’t progress within the next half hour he was doing a c section. It wasn’t even 20 minutes and he came back in getting me prepped for surgery. Which obviously was not in my birth plan. I was more mad over the fact he only checked one time then decided oh we going to get just you open. He didn’t give me time to dilate. I was scared and crying. I got told to suck it up. I was awake for it then out of no where they put me to sleep! So After my son was born and I woke up and got took up stairs to see him, he was ripped out of my arms for his first bath. Being as he was only two hours old I didn’t see why he needed a bath right that second. So I was upset. He was suppose to be breastfeed only and they took him to the nursery for the night then informed me in the morning he was feed formula. I also didn’t want him to have a binky but guess what he had in his mouth when they brought him back into the room! They went against my wishes as a mother. So later on through the day we was napping, he woke up and I wasn’t allowed to get up to get him out of the bassinet, I called and called for the nurse and nothing so I finally got up to get my screaming newborn then they came in and legit yelled at me for getting up. Mind you they had him completely across the room. Not even beside me. They let me go home two days after my c section and guess what? I was back in the hospital the next day and had to stay because my blood pressure was dangerously high. They wouldn’t let me eat, so I went three days with nothing. Not even water. I wasn’t even allowed to have my son there with me, how was he suppose to eat if I was breastfeeding? They wouldn’t let me pump. Then would absolutely topped it off is when I went to my 6 week check up and the secretary asked me how I was doing and how my labor experience was. So I went to tell her and she said oh I know they been talking about it and she started lauging. Like how is this funny? (9 months ago)

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