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Ohio Valley General Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Allegheny County, PA.

Ohio Valley General Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Ohio Valley General Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Last week I reluctantly had a colonoscopy. Love my surgeon and wouldn't think about letting anyone else do this. The hospital told me the day before that my procedure would be at 8:00 a.m. I had the speaker phone on and my husband heard them say it also. So I got up at 5:30 a.m. to get ready, walk my dog, etc. before I went and rushed over to the hospital. It was 9:30 before I was finally in for the procedure. I was about to walk out, they caught me just in time. This was very hard for me to do and to have to wait what seemed to be forever before they did it was awful. They need to stick to a schedule and consider that some of these procedures are tough enough for people and not jerk them around. (a month ago)

This hospital is absurd. The nursing staff is inconsistent, unprofessional, and unpleasant. Most of the employees look unkept. Takes them more than 15 minutes to answer calls when your due for medications. They don’t even follow hospital protocols. The cleanliness of the rooms is lacking. Never changed linens unless asked to. When you do request washcloths they have hair stuck in them. Nurses and aids that don’t pay attention to patient changes that should be reported to their physician, like elevated bp readings when they come in to do vitals (when they actually do vitals). This place is a nightmare. (a week ago)

Terrible HOSPITAL ! STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE!! Went to ER and waited 4hrs! NEVER saw a Dr. had to ring a bell to get a nurse to come and even take my vitals after waiting 2.5 hrs . I left the hospital because of the wait .When I went to leave I walked up to the nurses station where all nurses had been just sitting and kindly explained my frustration as a patient and the nurse Talia (I believe her name is ) said “ IT WAS NOT HER PROBLEM” .... so rude and hurtful as a patient . They don’t take pride in the care of there patients nor the Job for that matter . I see why they call it DEATH VALLEY (a week ago)

One of the worst hospital experiences I've had. Sat in a room for over an hour waiting to go to surgery and when I called the nurse to see if they toldmy wife to come wait for me she shrugged her shoulders and tildme she didn't check me in. Finally got to pre-op ,once again stuck in a room for over an hour with not one how you doing, it will be a little while longer, are you cold? Both nurses stations sounded like a lunchtime cafeteria instead of a hospital. Nurses didntk ow my info at all, telling me it's ok to take blood thinner before surgery. Terrible experience, I will never go back . I see a lot of the reviews get answered by the owner saying to go to patient portal. Why don't the owner get off his or her ass and go see for your self. No wonder another hospital bought you .good luck (in the last week)

I have been admitted since 2/28 And the care at best is mediocre. No consistency. A nurse came in with an expired vile of hycodan thank goodness she caught it. Breathing treatments that I have scheduled may come 2 hours late or they just come with the next one is scheduled and it's always an excuse. I have treatments I can ask for in between both times No one came. My room was not cleaned except for today in the six days I have been here. Trash removed that's it. Bed sheets changed by one awesome nurse aid the two days she worked so I appreciate her. Thank you Denise. I have not had a shower in 5 days asked to get one this morning had to wait for doc orders got that approved at 10am they were going to come back in and wrap my hand up with my IV... No one came so I went out at 1230 and got tape and did it myself. I am a low maintenance patient but this is just beyond unacceptable. Especially when you have one respiratory therapist to take care of all patients with the exception of ER. But I can guarantee the pay for this room I am in will not change because of the lack of care. I have pushed my button to speak to my nurse and to no avail no one comes and when they do it's because I need to have a pill. And when asked they say no one informed them. What happen to maybe coming through every couple hours to see if all is ok. I could keep going but this is probably falling on deaf ears. As I read the other re views the response from the owner are all the same predetermined generated message, even that shows how little they care. They can't even personalize for that particular person situation. Medical is just big business and they don't care except for the $$$$$ (2 months ago)

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