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Ohio County Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Ohio County, KY.

Ohio County Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Ohio County Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

Location and Directions


Friendly enough, but the ER doc( Dr Jonah Rey) look at my son's foot and missed the 3 inch diameter infected blood blister and diagnosed planar faciates. When pointed out appeared to be confused. He decided my son had been rafting and refused to be dissuaded. ?????? Not listening, or even looking at the patient WOW Next day , blister growing, went back this time had Dr Argotte. He looked and listened and lanced the blister FINALLY! Good Dr vs bad Dr! (in the last week)

Have been wonderful taking care of my dad and making sure he is comfortable (2 months ago)

My daughter's doctor made an appointment at the outpatient side. She had to have an ultrasound done of her shoulder (a month ago)

Went to this place because I thought it would be quicker (should tell you something), and it was. What I can recall I was told they could smell the "sugar" on me (ladies there don't use perfume or something???) And even though my sugar was around 400 (still bad, could of read HI) that was my fault. Guy who took me for X-ray got po because I couldn't stand long enough to do X-ray without vomiting. Anytime you asked QUESTIONS staff would leave room and call security. My brother was escorted out because he told the ER doctor that he was being rude by walking away and not answering these questions of ours. My brother made the remark that I should go to a hospital in Bowling Green. Sometime later a lady told me I was being transferred. I asked why, being that I was asleep and in dka. She tried getting me, first my mom to sign a paper saying that I wanted a transfer. We refused, they tried to make it sound like I had no choice about the transfer, but yet wanted me to sign paper saying it was OK. After I refused she came back with another paper and security saying since I refused to sign transfer paper I would have to sign a leaving against medical advice paper (ama). These people were kicking me out, but also wanted me to sign papers to cover their a$$ Incase I got worse, in car wreck while leaving hospital, ect. I refused to sign any papers, I was unplugged from iv, ect and with my mother's help left the hospital. These people do not care about people or even their own tails. I had to drive home because my mother does not drive, never has. By the grace of God we made it back to my house to where my kids dad met us so he could take me to another, BETTER hospital. There is were I was put into ICU, with two ivs and constant care, and this is were I found out I had a stomach bug that contributed to my dehydration, dka. I wouldn't go to Ohio Co Hospital (OCH). No care was given, heck I wouldn't put these reckless people on my payroll, what would have happened if I had of wrecked??? My insurance along with myself and/or my children/family would had sued. If you want to be treated for a possible life threatening illness go somewhere else. (7 months ago)

I went to Ohio County hospital in Beaver Dam to have a ultrasound and a CT scan for a possible hernia. The test came back and the radiologist's report stated there was no sign of a hernia and everything was fine, they couldn't understand why I was having pain. I got the CD of my test and took them to OMHS in Owensboro, KY for a second opinion. I have a umbilical hernia! I have no idea why the radiologist at Ohio County Hospital said there was nothing wrong. But if they did it to me I'm sure they have done it before and will do it again. It worries me that they may have given a report of everything is fine to someone who has life threatening problems. Always get another opinion and make sure and get the CD's of your test. These are free all you have to do is call and go pick them up. Or ask for a copy when the tests are done. (11 months ago)

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