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Ochsner Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Jefferson County, LA.

Ochsner Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Ochsner Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Every time I have went to the Medical Center I received excellent care. The wait time is minimal and Specialist’s are amazing. Parking is free in the structure. They have great food inside as well (3 months ago)

Dr. Krim and his team saved my life last week. Their 5 dose Thrombosis treatment worked. I am grateful and my family and I are more thankful with each new day! Grace! (2 months ago)

The neurologist team and PICU staff is AMAZING! Dr. Bui is truly a miracle worker! He performed brain surgery on my 14 month old and the results were excellent! I am truly grateful for all their help and kindness. The oncology team and radiology team is great as well! They have answered my endless amount of questions and truly want the best for their patients. The support is amazing at this hospital and everyone is extremely professional and helpful. The hospital itself is very clean and has plenty of great food options(for those who are like us and have to live here for awhile). There’s a PJ’s built inside and a hotel!! Both establishments have great customer service and the hotel was very nice and clean. I recommend this hospital to anyone who asks. My son is still getting treated here and I wouldn’t want to switch to any other hospital. (4 months ago)

If I could give 0 stars I would. I have lupus and have been seating in the ER for 5 hours with a flare up and my bp 196/120. Feeling light headed. So finally I get back there and wouldn’t you know they had me in fast track. First off no one with lupus flare ups should be in fast track. I have been vomiting back to back and yet still had to sit waiting to be called just to go to a room with a sitting chair. I am livid. Never have I been to a hospital like this nor will I ever come back even if I’m about to take my last breath. On top of that I was freezing and they gave me a cold blanket to cover with 🤔never again. (5 months ago)

I am privare caregiver I am with a client the service on 5 th floor is horrible from the nurses to housekeeping never seen any yet in that area my pt urinated on the floor I ask the nurse to call housekeeping never came, the nursing button does not work, so you have to go and look for someone every time, or iv been out for 5 hours among other things, called for nursing administrative has not cane yet never bring your love ones here please the housekeeper told tell the nurse about urine on the floor wow! just witness a patient comming from at test and called to hook back on her purifying machine over 30 minutes ago the nurse said she could not do it right now and she did not don't go to the 5 floor nursing care is poor !!!!!!!! the doctors are good though! (2 months ago)

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