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1431 SW 1ST AVE, OCALA, FL 34478
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Photo: Ocala Regional Medical Center

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1431 SW 1ST AVE
OCALA, FL 34478

Ocala Health encompasses Ocala Regional Medical Center, currently a 222-bed facility located in the heart of Ocala, and West Marion Community Hospital, a 94-bed ...

Ocala Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Marion County, FL.

Ocala Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Ocala Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Wednesday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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This place is horrible. My dad had fell and hit his head. They did 2 CT scans said nothing was wrong. We have a family member who is a doctor look at his test a found fluid on his brain. He ended up passing a few days later. The worst part was the way he was treated. Not cleaned totally neglected we had to do everything for him or it didn't get done. They brought in people to sit with him around the clock who were worthless on there cell phones or reading books the whole time. I have never seen treatment this bad. It's a same to treat the elderly this bad. (a month ago)

My wife who is African American and I am just straight White. We visited a couple hospitals in the area From Munroe, West Marion, and the villages. We ended up choosing Munroe for Craniectomy to be done on my wife’s father. When we did research on Ocala regional we some how notice there were no African American administration or personnel here at this hospital. We did a walk through. We visted the website. We talk to family and friends on how we should approach this situation.We also spoke with a few surgeons about this.We were not comfortable with choosing this hospital.My father in law chose this hospital but we declined due to a lack of what me and my wife believes in. When mentioned to wife’s father he agreed and everything went smooth. (a week ago)

Some of the nurses are amazing others not as much and you can complain not much is done. The doctors absolutely do not care about you and your well being the doctors are only there for a pay check so make sure you have a primary care physician before being admitted!!! There should be a No star button on here because I wouldn't even give this place 1 star (a month ago)

Worst hospital I’ve ever been to. They are rude, the staff is inconsiderate and don’t have any respect. They overdosed my husband then tried to hide and cover it by not letting him be seen by a doctor for 4 days when he had a heart attack. Then one of the nurses hit him hard in the stomach after he complained of pain in it. Then after we were told he was terminal his only wish was for me to be with him and even though we had doctors approval and he was in a private room they still refused to allow me in and when I call the hospital house superviser she told me she would call me back but never did. I would never take a human being there he’ll i wouldn’t take an animal there. HORRIBLE HOSPITAL! DO NOT TAKE SOMEONE YOU LOVE TO THIS PLACE!!! (2 weeks ago)

The hospital staff saved one particular person I know who I'll call Betty for now from a rare and deadly pathogen, but apparently Betty's nurse was "too busy" to take her outside for 5 minutes for fresh air. It had been over a month. If you have a loved one or someone you know at this hospital make sure to make contact with them frequently and ask them if their needs are being met. (3 months ago)

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