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1431 SW 1ST AVE, OCALA, FL 34478
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1431 SW 1ST AVE
OCALA, FL 34478

Ocala Health encompasses Ocala Regional Medical Center, currently a 222-bed facility located in the heart of Ocala, and West Marion Community Hospital, a 94-bed ...

Ocala Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Marion County, FL.

Ocala Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Ocala Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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The hospital staff saved one particular person I know who I'll call Betty for now from a rare and deadly pathogen, but apparently Betty's nurse was "too busy" to take her outside for 5 minutes for fresh air. It had been over a month. If you have a loved one or someone you know at this hospital make sure to make contact with them frequently and ask them if their needs are being met. (a month ago)

ER was slow but when I got up stairs my Nurses and CNA'S were great. Room was a 10 women's ward had just opened at 12 midnight after I was brought in by ambulance then they sent me for MRI came back in another room for they were painting first room. Second room was a ten and my nurse Sheri was fabulous took care of me like I was family. Had an older lady come in to take my blood and she blew the vein in left inside wrist. I was not happy and did ask she never come back to my room. Then they were closing the wing and brought me to another room that was smaller and and 8 until I opened the curtains all u could see was Scuffling outside the window. They were doing work now this just brought down the 8 to a 4.I do have to say the next set of nurses were just as great. Over all I give nurses 100% up stairs. The 1st two room a 10 and the last room a 4. (a week ago)

My experience with the care of a family member on the neurology unit was memorable enough to take time to review. The unit nurses, Ken, Christina and Mary, as well as Michelle who floated to the unit, cared enough to demonstrate awareness of our unique needs. They were as expert as they were attentive. All the tech support staff similarly operated with the kind hearts you would hope all health care workers should bring to work and exercise. I cannot remember all the names of these folks but all should be recognized. As well, the rotating doctors in training were all a pleasure to deal with and did much to assist the care. The hospitalists and the consulting neurologist were expert as well. I am amazed I can say all this and be sincerely truthful in today's environment; it is a refreshing pleasure to give appreciation that is truly deserved. (2 months ago)

Gave them a 1 because have to give them something to be able to leave feedback. This is the worst hospital(if you want to call them that) to ever go to. Took my 80 year old mom there from Magnolia Urgent Care with shortness of breath. She has congestive heart failure with a pacemaker. She was taken back pretty quick. I couldn't go back with her because they didn't have a room. Was there for 4 hours. She sat in the hallway the whole time. They did chest xray and ultrasound on her leg that had a small amount of swelling. Was released with not seeing a doctor (but discharge papers had a dr listed) with nothing about what the tests showed or what she should do. She only got worse so flew her back to Indiana. Dr up there was amazed at what was Not in the report from Ocala Regional. Water was around her lungs but nothing about how much. It is her congestive heart failure, that is treatable! But had to send her to Indiana to find out. WILL NOT BE GOING HERE FOR EVEN A HANGNAIL. (in the last week)

My son was taken to the ER in Ocala. He was put in a hospital gown and when leaving was informed that they could not find his clothes, his cell phone or his car keys. This happened on Tuesday morning, March 13. Today is Friday, March 16 and they have yet to locate any of the items. The security guard informed me that they weren’t sure if they had been stolen, but they couldn’t locate them!!!! Do you know how much it costs to replace all of these items? (2 months ago)

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