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Haymarket Medical Center in Haymarket, VA part of Novant Health UVA Health System, a Healthcare Organization with Hospitals & Physicians Practices Offering a ...

Novant Health Uva Health Haymarket Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Prince William County, VA.

Novant Health Uva Health Haymarket Medical Center does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Novant Health Uva Health Haymarket Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Pretty much going to mimic a lot of the other reviews. Nursing staff was awesome but the billing department is the worst. We are still getting random bills in the mail from our sons birth 6 months later. Most of it is stuff we've already paid for as well. They need to get it together. (in the last week)

I am not sure where the blame needs to be placed but this place cannot seem to figure out how to bill an insurance company. They place the blame on the insurance company for not following up with them on a claim they did not receive. Only I have had the insurance company on a 3-way call with them to verify the information. Then I am told again that they submitted the claim but the insurance company did not get it and they (insurance company) need to follow up. How can a company follow up on something they have no information on? Then when I try to get someone higher to help me I get told there is no one there to talk to. I will get a call back within 24 hours.......tried that several times and nothing. 5 months so far and nothing, all they keep doing is blaming the insurance company.....who has no record of this claim ever being filed. (3 months ago)

Run and go somewhere else! I have been here three times. From emergency to sutures on my son's finger. This hospital is a rip off. Next time I will drive to Fairfax and save myself thousands of dollars. I have a PPO and I still get ripped off at this hospital. Staff is ok but for what I am paying I feel like I should get spa treatment. (in the last week)

If you care at all about your health and want quality care do not come here. I was referred here for a high risk pregnancy ultrasound and it ended up being done by a STUDENT. No actual certified technician or radiologist was present. Incorrect results were sent to my doctor who had to rush me into the ER hours later because of their error when there was no actual issue. Seriously, avoid this place like a plague especially if you are pregnant or in need of any type of special care. (3 weeks ago)

I had my son at this hospital man has not been a good Experience. 1st the nurse that did my IV missed. My whole arm ended up bruised. Then the anesthesiologist missed on my epidural and I could feel everything. I beg them to redo the epidural but they kept trying to put more drugs and me to see if that would work. Finally after being an agony for 3 hours they redid the epidural. Now dealing with the billing department is an absolute nightmare. Their double billing me for the Anastasia. I told them I wanted to see an itemized receipt and they threatened to put me in collections. Also once I got the itemized receipt I saw that they charge me a $110 just to use the breast pump. On the tour I asked them if I should bring my own and they said don't worry about at the hospital will cover it for you, now I understand why. My interaction with this hospital is horrible. It's a shame too because I like my OBGYN. UPDATE: The billing department called me to tell me my account was overdue even though I made the payment 2 weeks prior. Th guy did not even apologize when he realized his mistake. This place is beyond unorganized. 6/3/18- they sent me another bill for something I already paid. They need to get there billing department togather. Absolutely disgusted with this hospital. 7/16/18- There billing department is incompetent . They send me another bill saying my isurance is not covering the baby. Well I also talked to my insurance and they made the payment back in Febuary. I am so done with this hospital never again. (in the last week)

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