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Norwood Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Norfolk County, MA.

Norwood Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Norwood Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Very disappointed in the level of care I received for a head injury at the ER. Receptionist wouldn't admit me until I gave my email address was huffy when I couldn't remember to take out my license or the name of my PCP. My companions told her I had hit my head and she could clearly see I was bleeding. I had to beg for ice and my wound was not cleaned and closed until over 3 hours later. I wasn't even given gauze and had to use my scarf for the bleeding. After waiting for almost an hour to be briefly examined for a concussion and another hour for a pregnancy test, they finally gave me a tetanus shot. After another hour, they did a CAT scan and after almost another hour finally cleaned me up. I had to pay $5 for parking upon leaving. Cash only. For which I was coincidentally prepared but by no means from planning. Who thinks to go to the ATM before an acquaintance drops them off at the hospital? Some of the staff was friendly and helpful, the diagnosis though vague ("you have some kind of injury") was correct and it seemed decently clean. And after all, they did a few things I couldn't. But I still feel a random mom could have taken better care of me. (3 months ago)

I went to this hospital because I was experiencing a miscarriage. After 1.5hrs I asked the receptionist if I would be called next as I was still bleeding and cramping however I was told “I’m not sure”. I went to use the restroom and a golf ball size amount of blood exited my body. Overwhelmed and traumatized by this experience, I began to cry historically. I went back the the front desk to inform both receptionist of what I experienced in the bathroom and requested to speak with the managers. After 15min I was informed she will meet with me “momentarily “. Roughly 10min after that I was informed she was backed up meeting with other patients. I then requested for the patient advocate and was given a patient advocate number after waiting an additional 5-6minutes, meanwhile bleeding and crying at the same time. This was a terrible experience that I or no one else deserves to experience, especially during a moment like this. The receptionist are terrible and made me feel as though I was speaking in a language that was incomprehensible. I have since left a voicemail with the patient advocate and plan to file a complaint with this hospital. (3 months ago)

My father, 93, spent 4 days in Norwood hospital in February 2018. During the first night he was moved to another room but his bedside table was not moved with him. His dentures were in the drawer and they ended up lost. The Hospital denied responsibility. First they said that the dentures were never in the hospital. Later, remembering how I was asking them for the Polygrip, they suggested that I sneakily took them home so I could claim a new replacement. I was with my father every day, from 8AM to 10PM, I was feeding him myself. They even searched for the dentures in my bag that I left overnight in the room. My medications were taken to be checked for illegal substances and then returned. My husband complained to the Director and received a nice reply yet I was still assumed to be a liar. We ended up making just one plate replacement (at a good price at Aspen Dental in Walpole) and used his old partial dentures for the other side. My dentist told me that he heard of dentures been stolen in hospitals. Good lesson for us and for you! N. Reznikov (a month ago)

My friend had some reservations, some serious reservations, about Norwood Hospital. I saw, too, that that the online ratings were mixed. But I had a good gut feeling about Dr McCarthy. My surgery was this morning, and my experience was exceptional. From Cheryl in the prep room to Joan in the recovery room, every single person was extraordinarily kind, nurturing, and helpful. The surgeon, anesthesiologist, and nurses were supremely competent, and my surgery was hugely successful. It was like being immersed in a pool of healing angels. I suggest doing your homework by reviewing ratings and all, but ultimately trust your intuition when choosing. (6 months ago)

Love the L&D/Maternity staff especially Michelle. She was extremely caring and helpful while I was having a rough recovery. She is the best nurse there! (4 months ago)

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